Box leather question ??

  1. I finally bought meltonian shoe polish in neutral color and used it a few days ago. I used it on my black vintage Kelly bag and I think it looks great! It looks quite shiny though and Im wondering if box leather is supposed to be really shiny or if there is a such thing as "too shiny".
  2. Box calf should have a bit of shine to it. Do you have a pic you could post, Luccibag?

    No need to polish the bag again now for about another 6-8 months. If you have to get a few corner rubs taken care of then you can do that anytime with Meltonian Black Shoe Polish. Just put a dab on the corners on the rubs and use as you would if polishing your shoes.
  3. My vintage pieces are blinding shiny. I think it is normal and quite desired. Patina all the way!! Congrats on your bravery with Meltonian. I am way too scared to try anything at home.
  4. Sounds like you put a military "spit-shine" on that bag.....

    Too shiny is OK, but don't put too much of that shoe polish on or in a few months you'll get this white film on the surface. That's the wax working it's way to the top.
  5. Military spitshine LOL! It looks like I armoralled my bag. I did use the shoe polish sparingly though. Here is a pic S'Mom...
    I did my Constance too but it isnt as shiny as Kelly but then again it isnt 50 years old. Thanks for the help. Im still clueless with the different leathers.
    Here it is with no flash...
  6. Just Gorgeous Luccibag! Love Vintage!
  7. Whoa! I'm blinded here by your bag, it's so shiny! Not fair, I'm finishing up the Super Bowl and they're handing off the Vince Lombardi tropy and I swear one of the women on the stand is wearing an Hermes scarf, but they won't keep the camera on her long enough for me to figure out the pattern.
  8. So is that normal for box? Did I overshine? Constance has a matte type of shine to it.
  9. ^^^That shine is what we call patina. Don't worry, you did fine. I'm just teasing you, I'm bad that way.:p
  10. :sweatdrop:Ok! lol.
  11. I don't know if it's "wrong" or not, but I can tell you, they both look FABULOUS!!!! If I had a vintage box bag, I'd send it to you for a good polish!
  12. India, it would be a labor of love! I love buffing up my bags! :p
  13. Sweetie, That's what Tivo is for!:winkiss:
  14. But I'm on one of the upstars TV's that doesn't have Tivo. Besides, there weren't enough closeups of that scarf. *sigh* I guess it will have to remain a mystery.:sad:
  15. This is what she looked like when I got her...