Bow Satchel Help Pleeease

  1. I am totally in love with this one. Is there still a chance to get the allumino (light grey) color from either miu miu store, Saks or NM? Please PM me if you see one lately. Other than this, what are the colors available besides black and pink? TIA.
  2. Yes, the bow is still available. Contact Saks and have them locate one for you. They recently recieved a new shipment of them in the colors: alluminio, mughetto, and black. So try with Saks!
  3. Yep, try Saks. Someone on another board just got one from there last week.
  4. Saks in Greenwich CT have the one I just returned (it was in perfect condition, it just didn't suit me)....Try and give them a call. Ask for Jackie.