bought theses shoes today

  1. But now I dont know what to wear with them. I'm going out to this night in a few weeks which everyone has to wear white. I was thinking of buying a Corset black and white with maybe white skirt or jeans or even hotpants or something?? I really dont know what to wear. anyone have any ideas .:yes:


    What you think of the shoes?
  2. They remind of the CL shooboot.

    Not sure about the hotpants but then I sadly no longer have the bod for them :crybaby:*remembers being 20 and in hotpants* but they'd look awesome with a pencil skirt
  3. oohh i ADORE those shoes! i was thinking about buying them myself!! did you get them at Shopbop? who are they from again?

    i think a pencil skirt is a good idea. with a cute white tank top
    or a long white men's shirt, with a black belt and long leggings

    uuuhh, just thinking about the outfits makes me want a pair! arg!
  4. report signature is the make. I saw them I just had to get them. I love the shape on them. They do remind me of cl. ;)
  5. MM take some pics with some outfits you listed and with the shoes on, I think we can better help that way lol
  6. Congrats, I like them! I think they'd work with a skirt or jeans...
  7. I think they're gorgeous and classy. I'm not sure about hot pants (but then again, they're not my style), but I think a black pencil skirt or a pair of black slacks in the new silhouette for spring would be great. I saw the pants' style in a magazine lately. They're real narrow and not cropped, but the hem stops at the ankle. They look great with tall, lovely shoes like you bought.
  8. i like those shoes. considering they are black & white i think you can wear different things with them. i'm not afraid of color so i would pair them with jeans and a nice yellow top, for e.g.

    for an evening out i don't think i would do black & white up top. too matchy matchy for my taste. since everyone has to wear white for your night out can you stick to a blk outfit and have your shoes be your "white" item?
  9. thanks everyone :smile: I'll try on some outfits see how I get on :smile:
  10. They're beautiful!! I need to get me a pair. I think they'd look great with a wrap dress, or a sweater/skirt combo.
  11. I think I'd put them with a black top, black pants and a white handbag
  12. Those shoes are hot, congrats. I think they'd look good with a pencil skirt and jeans. Where did you get them from?
  13. It is so funny that you mentioned hot pants. I was in Nordstrom yesterday and saw the cutest pair of black hot pants. I thought hard about grabbing them. When I saw these shoes, I immediately thought of those shorts. Granted, hot pants are definitely not for every occasion, so you need to keep in mind the type of evening it is and who will be present. But if you could get away with it, then by all means go for the short shorts.

    Wearing a pencil skirt is a lot like dressing to go to work. You could wear that every day. Another thought would be a pair of skinny wool burmuda shorts...long but form fitting. That would be cute.
  14. I'd wear those shoes with my black Miss Sixty pencil skirt (a bit pin-up, but not hoochie) or my high waisted with buttons black pencil skirt.
  15. wow cute shoes!!! me likey!!!!!!!!!