Bought my first pair of Chanel Flaps in HK

  1. Hi all, finally got the chance to try out the flaps at the boutique, and I just fell in love with these the minute I put them on, it's so soft and comfy (I find the traditional flaps with the quilted pattern a bit hard on the feet), and the color is gorgeous, it's more like mocha than beige... I think some members have posted theirs, here are mine :p:

    Beige21008/Noir 94305

    Chanel Flaps 001A.jpg

    Chanel Flaps 003A.jpg

    Chanel Flaps 004A.jpg

    And by the way, saw white lambskin Jumbo and white cerf at the boutique in the Peninsula Hotel. The new prices for Jumbo are Jumbo Caviar HKD20000, Jumbo Lambskin HKD23000.
  2. Congrats!! They're HOT!!

    wear them in good health
  3. Those are really gorgeous! Love it! Congrats!
  4. those are my fav Chanel flats your very luck to get a pair
  5. Thanks ladies for sharing my joy.... I am really happy..

    ^ are these supposed to be hard to find? They have a pair in cream (nearly white) and black cap in display, very pretty too, and I saw mine behind the moving panels not on display, guess that boutique is just too small....
  6. Love your flats, IceEarl! They look so comfy!

    For a minute there, I thought you bought two flaps/bags :p
  7. Too cute! Congrats!!!
  8. Haha... thanks dear... ya I know what you mean, I nearly posted them at the Flaps instead of Footwear in the Reference library... I hope mod can help me change the title to "Chanel Flats" .... :p well for those who are interested in the FLAPS... at least I have new flaps prices to entertain them ..... heeheee

  9. so pretty!
  10. oh my oh my these are the ones i've been hunting for! i hope there will be nice colors coming out for S/S, i've been missing them for the longest time. tough luck!
  11. [​IMG]



    I love these flats...i saw these few days ago in our local chanel store, unfortunately i have wide feets, so it won't look nice on me:sad:

    Congrats, gorgeous flats:tup:
  12. congrats ice Earl!!! ur flats are very nice!!!
    any other things special in that boutique at the moment???
    i've been busy and havent been there for a long time....
  13. They are absolutely beautiful!
  14. Congrats ice Earl!They're lovely!:yes:
  15. I have them in all black and they are Very comfortable. Love them in the black/beige combo. Very classic.