Bought in NYC - Chinatown 30$ Real?

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  1. Hey Guys!

    Okay, so normally I would think this is not real, but I bought this bag in a very secret room. It came in a white sleeve marked Coach. Also this morning I found a registration form in the pocket. I think it's real. My boyfriend thinks Im crazy. Can you all help me? Here are some pics!

    BTW - Bought the wallet from another vendor. Positive its not real!!

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  2. it's fake...
    people can just buy dustcovers and the other stuff...
  3. Anything from Chinatown especially for that price and being in a secret room it's fake. Authentic Coach bags are only sold through Macy's, Coach retail stores, outlet and very limited number or websites.
  4. Thanks so much guys! I guess he was right. Thanks for all the info!!!
  5. Sorry about the purchase :sad:

    Just FYI, for future authenticity questions, please post them in the "Authenticate this Coach" sticky at the top of this subforum. Thanks :nuts:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.