Bought Diamond Stitched Tote Bag

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  1. I bought this for my wife from Saks Fifth Ave in NY through phone. We live in Vancouver Canada.

    It's just that when we got it it seems the bag was on display and there are few scratches on the chanel metal
    logo infront of the diamond stitched tote bag with zipper.

    I was wondering if I should return it or just get like some kind of polishing to it?

    It's for my wife but I don't know if it's worth paying
    full amount for something that has noticeable scratches
    on the metal logo. But then the bag was last one they had and only one they had.

    Well what do you guys think?

    Thanks in adv.
  2. i would definitely call the s.a. you bought it from and do a return or exchange. chanel bags are pricey and you should get them in perfect condition. good luck.
  3. i second that... even if she does not have another one in the store, call around to other Saks and see if they have one. it might be a lot of trouble, but isn't it worth it to get your wife something that is absolutely perfect?
  4. where would I get them though?
    I called New York and San Fran.
    Should I try like michigan or if anyone who's reading this
    refer me to a shop please.

    I can't believe they gave me something that has
    definate scratch on the logo. hmmm......

    Do you know if Saks Fifth Ave can log into the
    inventory of other stores?

    Thanks bunch guys.
    I guess I pay for the s/h?
  5. Try calling the Chanel 800 # and ref. the style # to them and they can try to locate a store that shows the inventory available...