Bought an Evidence sunglass with scratches...what to do?

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  1. Hello all

    bought a nice evidence as a present last week, and as soon as it got unpacked and admired we had to find out that on the golden front part of the sunglass there are a lot of fine scratches, as if someone grabbed it while wearing a ring and hitting on the surface.

    I wonder what I should do now:

    1. Return it and ask for a replacement; this is what I would like to do, but I am not sure if LV does replace or just offers a repair. I really HATE repairs. I never got something back without something else broken (Electronics, car etc).

    2. Just return it and get a credit note. The problem here is, that I don't have the original LV recipe anymore, only the CC one, since the Taxfree Shop at the airport took it (But then I am registered at the LV for the purchase).

    Any advice from you pro's with experience on such issues would be welcome.

    Thanks and have a nice eve :smile:
  2. return it and ask for a replacement. Your creditcard receipt should be enough, plus you´re registrated at the store... plus, the S.A should know if it´s real...
  3. I would return it and ask for a replacement also.
  4. Exchange and get a replacement!!

    It would've been nice if the SA inspected it for you throughly before selling it to you. :sad:
  5. exchange or return them
  6. When I got my Evidence, it had fine scratches on the gold part, too. I had to return to the store right away and they had it replaced. Shouldn't be a problem with the receipt since you have records in the store. Good luck!
  7. Hello

    thanks for your replys.

    I went to LV today and exchanged it for a new one.

    But we had to find out, that even the new ones have fine scratches on the front. Seems to be normal. The side frames were protected by plastic sleeves, but not the front.

    Well polished metallic surfaces will have fine scratches sooner or later anyways, just from dust particles when grabbing them.