Bought a vintage Kelly and been so scared waiting...

  1. Okay so I finally caved and bought a vintage Kelly that I found on this website (thanks DENTALFLOSS!). I've been so scared because I had to send a wire transfer and we all know how scary that can be. Not to mention I was already the victim of fraud on ebay once with a Birkin that I wire transferred 4K for and never recouped my monies. Okay I'm rambling here. The bag just arrived overnight express mail and here she is. I am excited to see that she's in better shape than advertised. I see wear on the top corners and am wondering if you guys can tell me if it can be fixed. I'm off to Hermes tomorrow to speak to the craftsman about reconditioning her.

    The clochette cannot be removed from the handle. WTH?? The lock doesn't have Hermes stamped on it but the numbers match the keys, see pics. I want to know what you guys think - good or bad. Don't hold back!!
    Here she is, Kelly 28cm in Black Box Leather date stamped "N" in a circle which is 1984 I believe.
  2. More shots.
  3. Gazoo I don't see anything....
  4. the pics aren't showing up.
  5. Me neither.....
  6. Shoot just a sec.
    175crop.jpg 177crop.jpg 178crop.jpg
  7. more
    180crop.jpg 184crop.jpg
  8. looks beautiful. she's 22 years old?

    oh please please please, post pics of you holding her!
    how is the inside? can you elaborate on why the clochette won't come off?
  9. again
    186crop.jpg 185crop.jpg
  10. I'll try to get my hubby to get a pic of me holding her this weekend. The clochette seems super stiff and the end piece where the key cover is won't fit through the hole. I think I'll just let the craftsman get it off and maybe just make a new clochette.
  11. that is really weird, for such an old bag...i mean assuming the original owner took it off and on, there would be a worn in hole to pull the key end through. maybe they used to be made to stay on (which would make plenty of sense). smart to leave it to the professionals, in any event.
    ah... lovely bag - and i love seeing them old like this, get an idea of how they age.
  12. It could be that the clochette isn't original. The bag itself looks super though!
  13. I've been so nervous. I paid $2200 which I know isn't all that much but still, no paypal, etc. I'm glad the wait to have it in my hands is over. Now the wait to see what Hermes says about it..... pins and needles....
  14. Don't you LOVE those vintage beauties????? Lovely bag, Gazoo!!!! Here's to many, many years of joy together! Let the pros take care of the clochette and have another lock made and you'll be all set! When you get her back after refurbishing, she'll look good as new!!!!
  15. That is such a great price for such a beautiful bag! I am in love with it! Congratulations Gazoo she is stunning!