Bought a bag in Europe, and now want to return it

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  1. My friend recently bought a LV bag from Italy for me, and I want to return it because it's a bit too big for me. I know it's possible to return it within 14 days from the date of purchase, and I'll get store credits since my friend paid with cash. My question is, would they give me store credits according to how much the bag is worth in Canada, or convert the amount my friend paid in Euros (obviously bag cheaper in Italy)??
  2. If I were you I'll try to sell the bag on E-bay, it's not really easy to ask for refund in Italie. Be carefull.
  3. Is there a LV store near by?
    I'd call and ask. I'm not even sure if you can return items bought from one country at a store in another one.
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