bottom falling out Noe

  1. newbie here...

    Just bought an eBay noe... 3 of the four corners have stitches out and the edges of the bottom coming out.. never seen this before..
    (seller said... "an inch of stitching has come out on each side - easy to fix" ...
    (she said "side" she didnt say bottom.. big difference and I couldnt find the problem in the photos..
    ... to fix this bottom the lining has to come out, there is no way to do without leaving a visable seam in the bag - unless the grommets all come out.... easy?? not exactly)

    Does Vuitton have any service free of charge for their construction of their bags ?
    I know COACH has lifelong repair of such things


    the good news.. its red and it got here on valentines and it feels great
    and I got a good price as the photos did show the corners looked worn..
    (but not falling off!)
  2. Hi. Sorry to hear about your noe. I think LV offers a repair service but you probably will have to pay the fee for it, if it it at all fixable.
  3. YES! Louis Vuitton does have a repair service... HOWEVER- it will take a few weeks... and they do charge (more for more damage)... HOWEVER!!!! (this is big-) DO NOT try to fix it yourself... it will make the bag void from LV repairs... also... make sure that no nonLV person has tried to make repairs to it...

    Just take it too your local boutique and they will give you estimates...

    OR call 1.866.vuitton for more info!
  4. "no nonLV...." wow... what a double negative... I promise I'm not illiterate! LOL
  5. thank you!