Bottega Veneta (what's your fix)

  1. I'm into the business of high end bags. I just can't actually understand the love for this bag. BV lovers, please leave your reason for loving this item so much. I look forward to hearing your opinions!!!!
  2. interesting-what bags do you like? bottega bags are very understated. i love the leathers and the craftsmanship. i also like that they aren't so well know so i can wear the bags i enjoy without attracting attention. for me its about quality and privacy.
  3. I love the intreccatio look and the soft leathers and craftmanship of the bag. I love the way they look understated and classic rather than high fashion. For me they are very light and easy to carry.
  4. I came to tpf to find a classic bag that was understated but high quality. To me, out of all the luxury bags you see advertised, this is the one that doesn't seem over the top--just exceptional design and materials without lots of flash.
  5. As others have said--exceptional materials and craftsmanship, without logos. Very comfortable to carry on the arm or shoulder. Strong, yet many are very lightweight. Outstanding classic and seasonal colors. Softest leather.
  6. I love the softness of the leather, how lightweight and easy to carry the bag is and that it is very luxurious, yet understated.
  7. You say that you're "into the business of high end bags". What does that mean? Do you sell bags?
  8. I also love them for being simple and elegant. No huge labels or logos to advertise how much I spent on such a wonderful piece. Just classic elegance with outstanding materials and craftmanship
  9. Why do I like BV bags? The intrecciato leather pattern is really to die for. In the part of the world where I stay, there are a lot of replica/fake bags around. Of course there are fake BV bags too - but the quality never come close. You can tell a fake BV bags from miles away. But for other brands (like the LV/Gucci/Fendi monogram) the fakes are so good that you really can't tell. (BTW, the other brand that I think the fake bags can't come close is Balenciaga motocycle bags - the fake just look awful. :tdown:I have one actually...)

    And i like the fact that only people "in the know" can recognize a BV bag - to avoid unnecessary attention from people who are not into bags.
  10. I love BV for its understated luxurious image and the fact that it doesn't scream trendy! or have ugly big logos.

    The bags are ALL about design, quality and comfort.

    I've seen special edition BV bags that you could compare to works of art - like the one from a few years back that had a hundred small buttons, each one specially selected and sewn into the bag. I saw it at the Madison Ave boutique and drooled. It was in the 30,000 range I think. :nuts: