Bottega Veneta Collections - Master Thread

  1. I thought it would be cool to see everyone's BV Collections, since everyone here has such awesome stuff!

    Since I was taking pics of my lovelies from Italy, I decided to throw in my wallet and bracelet to get a group pic of my small collection to kickstart the thread :P

    Please don't laugh at my lil group!! :shame:


    Oops! My poor Ebano wallet almost disappears into my Nero Veneta!


    A closeup on the SLGs against the Veneta as a background.

    Can't wait to see everyone's collection!! :popcorn:
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  2. Love your things and great idea for the posting of pics. Your bracelet is also stunning!!!! ENJOY!
  3. Love your accessories esp. the bracelet... :tender:
  4. Here's my little collection: [​IMG]

    The top is a "Campana-like" bag done in the Marco Polo Canvas, with snakeskin trims. It's similiar in style except it doesn't have the clip closure that goes east-west. Bottom left is a evening bag in nappa woven leather, bottom right are my accessories.


    This is the Curvo Circle in Calf skin, so soft!


    This is the perforated nappa with lace-like trim, the leather is just beautiful!
  5. I have never used the white bag because I can't seem to find the right outfit to go with it. . I am dying to purchase either the Sloane in old petra or poudre after I saw the "enabler" posts:yes: Should I sell this to fund my purchase or hang on to it to see if I will have an occasion to use it? Advise please!:idea:
  6. Great thread Nymph, been thinking of starting one for a while too. Congrats on your Veneta, what a fantastic beginning to your Bottega collection! The name card holder is just so cute, love the woven bit in the middle. Don't you just love the Poudre colour? Meaning to get a phone strap as well, just need to decide on the colour (which would depend on which phone i would be changing to). :confused1:

    Okay, I really need to learn how to take photos and upload them, on my own (had DH and sis' help prior). I will get there. *determined*

    Gorgeous bags mypolardog. I can see you need some colours in your collection. ;) Either the Poudre or Old Petra would be the perfect addition! :yes: The white bag is just too beautiful to give up. If money is not a big issue, hang on to it. I'd imagine it would be great with a flirty summery dress team with flats/sandals. :smile:
  7. Love, love, love the bangle. Nymph, mypolardog, your collections are lovely and your photo-taking skills are excellent. I will try to post my odd assortment of vintage and new bags as soon as I can remember how to do it!
  8. wow what Gorgeous bags!
  9. Hi ms piggy

    thanks for your complements, and yes I do need some colors! I am always changing from a black bag to another black bag, so I am up for something new! :idea: My white tote is beautiful and buttery soft, but I do need the money, so I should sell it instead of letting it sit in my closet. The Sloane that I am eyeing is a whopping $2250! So, I have to sacrifice something:sad:
  10. ^ that's tough. I LOVE the Sloane!
    But the white is so rare and pretty - and it's a different kind of bag than your others.
  11. I agree with Greentea. The white bag is really quite special and totally different than the rest in your collection. I also totally understand having budget constraint. Do showcase the new Sloane in due time.
  12. Here is my disorganized collection of newer things, vintage and smaller items. I love seeing some of the older bags since I am so new to BV. the pics are small; I'll get better at this!
    bvcollection.jpg bvnewbags.jpg bvvintage.jpg bvsmallitems.jpg
  13. boxermom, WOW! What a collection. :nuts: I love your vintage bags. Are they clutches? When are they from? Could you share some info? Oh, they are so beautiful!
  14. They are clutches but also have the very thin straps that you can use for shoulder wear. They are from eBay. I had 2 others, a red one that I gave as a gift and a woven black shoulder bag that was in perfect condition that I sold when I bought the braided handle Poudre tote. I think the vintage ones are early 80's but I'm not certain.

    Thank you, ms piggy. I actually have used them all.
  15. Is there a simple way to explain how to put your actual photos in your post? I've read the long photo thread and just get confused. Going to read it again and see if it will make sense to me. TIA
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