Bottega Spring Sales?

  1. Hello Ladies -

    I know that Bottega typically have a fall sale in Dec/Jan online and in the there typically one for the Spring as well?

    there are a few things that i'm eyeing and am wondering if i should save my pennys until the sale?

  2. sale - did someone say sale?
  3. hee hee..the magic word.

    I was wondering if someone here knows the Bottega sales cadence. Bottega had a sale this Jan on select styles online and in the boutiques to clear out fall item, I am assuming there is a Spring one as well but I don't get their store mailings so i don't know when that is....would appreciate any insight!
  4. I am not sure about other cities / countries. From my past experience, they have sale twice a year in London and Milan. Late June in London, early July in Milan and Dec / Jan each year. Usually the iconic bags in seasonal colours are 30% off. Only very few items are 50% off.
  5. I get a card in the mail when they are about to have one. Its usually in late June for spring items.