Bottega service is unreal!

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  1. Let me start off by saying I went to Hermes a few days ago looking for a belt and was treated like trash.. i am a semi regular customer of Hermes for some masochistic reason!

    I have NEVER purchased from Bottega but saw pictures of the new pre season clutch with chain.. it was love at first site! I called the biggest boutique near me (Dubai Mall) to ask about it.. they took my number and said someone will contact me.. within minutes an SA messaged me asking for pictures of what I was interested in.. she spoke to her manager and got me as much info as she could as well as assured me that she will let me know as soon as preorders are available.. i was shocked!

    Part of my luxury purchase justification comes from the experience of purchasing.. when shelling out thousands I like to be treated like a princess.. Dior has always treated me like a princess.. Bottega treated me like a Queen!

    Is this normal? Or was I just lucky??
    Other brands should take note! I definitely gained a whole new level of respect for the brand
    Some eyecandy of my new obsession
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  2. I’ve found both have excellent service. I don’t get that Hermes has to invite you to buy their bags and that people are okay with that
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  3. Bottega Veneta offers great service indeed.
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  4. This bag is TDF
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    I have never experienced anything but excellent service from BV. I live 3 hours from an actual BV store. Once my SA understood my taste, I started placing most of my orders via the phone. She actually knew which bags I had and remembered which colors didn’t work for me. She has moved to a different brand, but I now have another excellent SA. Once again, I get texts with photos of items I may like. Plus, my orders get shipped with overnight delivery, so I still get instant gratification. I don’t think you’ll ever be treated badly at BV.
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    I, too, have found great service at both, although I only go into the Hermès store about once a year. (Its 3 hours away from where I live.) I think it helps that I have no interest in purchasing their “quota” bags. And although I don’t wear silk scarves, I do like their cashmere ones. I also think it helps that I’m old. I’m not sure why, but I think it might be because the SA’s are young and with my gray hair, I probably look harmless.
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  7. So glad you received great customer service and WOW that bag is a stunner!!
  8. There's seems to be a high turnover of staff in BV in London (Bond and Sloane) so for all my purchases there was no relationship with any one SA. H have generally treated me very well, way above my spending power so I suppose it depends on geography.
  9. It's so nice to read a story about excellent service. Thank you for sharing here.

    I've been treated well at both boutiques, but the boutiques near me make this pretty normal and not just a matter of luck. I don't think I've ever seen anyone treated poorly.

    I have had a few less-than-great shopping experiences at other stores, and I try to think that it's nothing personal (at least I hope that's the case). I figure that the SA has a bad attitude about the job or just was having a bad day. Everyone has bad days, but some are better at hiding it than others.

    Enjoy your new bag!
  10. BV staff is great at any place, DM, MOE, or Bloomies/HN
    They are all very nice, my DM SA moved to MOE Harvey Nichols, but i still get great service every time i go there
    enjoy your new bag!
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  11. @Starbrite fully agree with you about BV- but have to ask what did H do wrong?
  12. yep, i'm curious, too.
  13. BV has always been known for servicing their clients.
    There is so much competition in the marketplace, so stores are always trying to improve "client relationships
    & well as client expectations".
    Sorry that your experience with H was not as expected, in addition to what happened, did you share the
    experience with the store manager. If H doesn't know what went wrong, they can't correct it or make it better..
  14. Perhaps some SAs are less skilled at hiding their response to a sense of entitlement.
  15. I feel I always get the cold shoulder when in Hermes. If I am with my husband it is sometimes a littllee better. I have tried twice to get the phone number of an SA I just bought something from and both times they brushed me off. I went in asking about a belt and they barely gave me any attention (the store was empty) When I finally walked around and managed to get the attention of an SA she just said "dont have" and walked away from me. I also wanted to ask about shoes but gave up at that point..

    my last purchase was a bracelet and a pair of Oran sandals and the SA decided to ask other customers if she could help them while helping me so I had to wait way too long for her to get around to my stuff.. it just didn't feel like a luxury experience at all.. rushed and rude

    ive never faced this in any other store and i am a luxury addict so ive had my fair share of experience with other brands.. i thought it was just an H thing..