bottega in uk???

  1. can u please tell me where can u purchase bottega wallets in uk .
  2. harrods in London

    Bottega Veneta - NET-A-PORTER.COM
    Net a porter has started selling them on line

    Browns London
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    also I am sure if you go to the Bottega website, they will also list all of their stockists. Good luck
  3. They have stores on Sloane Street and Old Bond Street, in london...
    good luck.... i love their new jewellery line tho..
  4. there is a contintntal wallet in u.s site made of nappa leather for 490 dollars .how do i ask the shop in uk about it??/thanks a lot for ur help.Ilive up near manchester so i will have to ask for mail order
  5. ^^ Get the reference number from the website, call the boutique and give them the reference number, they'll provide you with the price. :smile:
  6. G'luck on buying ya wallet umamanikam! I just got the same wallet in ebano from the bf as a birthday pressie, and I lurves it! :love: :love:

    What colour are you planning to get?
  7. the dark chocolate if i get ---is it soft???
  8. ^ BV leather is very soft. :yes: