Bottega Beneta Messenger???enable me!!!

  1. hi:graucho: it's my first time posting here and I have questions for you guys I haave been secretlly lusting for a BB bag for a wille even though I never touched or seen IRL a BB bag or leather but I heard they are orgasmic, well I wan't to know if any one has this style of messenger bag pros cons? and also inform me on the quality of the leathers etc I just think is pretty:rolleyes:

    oh and if you have one can you post modeling pics?

    thanx LMM



  2. i have these messengers and really love them. i am especially loving the non woven one. have been using woven bags almost exclusively and like the change. the leathers are wonderful. mine don't have a flap so i don't know how that would be. i like easy access but that is personal preference. enjoy your bag.
    woven messenger.jpg leather messenger 2.jpg
  3. I don't have this bag but it's luscious! BV's leather is out of this world. Definitely go for it and post pics! :drool:
  4. the only thing I have to contribute is that every time I see a BV messenger in a store, I lust after it. They're all a little too small for me so I've never taken the plunge, but I think this bag strikes just the right balance between elegance and sportiness (is that a word?).
  5. That's a classic Bottega messenger bag that you can't go wrong with. Bottega has one of the best leather goods. You really need to experience it in person. Go for it!
  6. Bottega Veneta`s leather (it`s actually spelled with a V, from Veneto, the Italian region they`re based at) is incredibly luscious! You can`t imagine it until you felt it yourself.

    Plus, it`s sturdier than you might think it is and in my opinion messengers have got to endure a lot of things!
  7. Thanx for the responses guys, annie9999 thanx for posting pics of you'r babies and uclaboi I love you'r collection but after seeing it I really want a LE pice but I guess a messenger would be the perfect buy,

    and sorry I just realized I spelled Bottega Veneta wrong sorry:shame:

    and also do you guys know if it comes in another colored leather? and if they sale different colored straps?

  8. Thanx I was typing my apology wille you typed this lol...

    I need to figure out if Saks has some BV in store so I can touch it:nuts:
  9. Hi, latinmalemodel! It's good to see you in the BV subforum! You'd look great with BV messenger bag. Most Saks stores carry BV, I believe--definitely go and see for yourself how fine the leather is and how lightweight it is--they are surprisingly sturdy, too. I'm not certain about colors. uclaboi knows as much or more than anyone about BV--he's a good source of info.

    Good luck--I hope you find a BV you love!
  10. LMM, they do make this style in classic colors (brown, black, and caramel) but also in seasonal colors. I remember seeing this bag in the Army color (army green) from S/S 07. I'm sure the BV boutique could help you find the perfect one, if you have access to one.

    BTW, love your new Cabas Whistler ;)
  11. ^^^hmm black sounds nice I think there's a store in bal harbour im gonna call them...

    Thanx it's you'r whistler's lost brother:biggrin:...
  12. Welcome to the BV side, LMM. That's a gorgeous messenger esp in the darker colours like Ebano (dark brown) and Nero (black). Do post pics when you get it, esp action ones. We'd love to see it.