Botkier Trigger Turbo


New Member
Dec 30, 2005
Can anyone tell me the major differences from the Botkier Trigger Luxe to the new spring line Trigger Turbo? I've seen a few Trigger Turbo's posted on eBay and it looks like the signature Botkier lining isn't in there in the new Turbo...unless the one's I've seen posted on eBay are fakes!?!?!? :evil:

Inky Paws

Oct 19, 2005
Originally there were 3 sizes of Triggers, then down to just 2. The new turbo is the same size as the med. which was their most popular. It has some minor style changes as well as the leather texture and colors, but basically the same bag. It's nice that they change them from season to season as it makes it easier to tell what season it was from and also I would htink to discourage imposters.