Botkier-Supposed to look like THIS???

  1. I just bought this Bombay Hobo from Bergdorf Goodman and it looks, well....
    The leather on the body of the bag is all crackled and looks like its about ready to flake off. The straps and tassel are smooth leather. I don't know what to make of it, but I think I hate it! This is my first Botkier and I'm disappointed...take a look and tell me what you think!
    PICT0015.JPG PICT0014.JPG PICT0011a.JPG PICT0008a.JPG
  2. Holy smokes! No, it's not supposed to look like that. I would call them and explain, see if they have another one, and if not, then at least provide free return shipping.
  3. I don't own a botkier, but I've seen a lot in stores, (although not that style) and the leather I've seen has always been amazing! I would return it, as I wouldn't enjoy carrying that either.
  4. Not very pretty....
  5. Oh dear. That looks awful. Certainly that's not how it's supposed to look!
  6. If you zoom in on the pic on you can see that there is subtle crackling, but nothing like in your pics. It looks like you may have gotten a defective one. Call BG and let them know and you should be able to exchange it.

    The bag is beautiful though.

  7. Even if you have it replaced with a new one, don't you think over time it might turn that way too?
  8. I have Bombay satchel in sort of a rust color. The leather is not the crackly kind at all but that might be another 'style'.

    The question I have is my Bombay has a double row of brass rivets on the straps and I have seen the single row on eBay and NM's site--did Botkier do both?

    My bag's leather is great & non-crackly but like I said, that might be just the style you purchased. If you are concerned, I would return it. I love my Bombay though it is just about the heaviest bag I own!
  9. That's hideous. It's not supposed to look THAT crinkled! Exchange it!!
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  11. I have this hobo in blue and it is NOT supposed to look like that! The leather is thicker and heavier than most leather though. I love my bag! Hope you can get a new one cause I get so many compliments on mine it's hard not tobuy it in other colors!
  12. That is soooo odd. I had the rust colored Satchel style of this bag and I couldn't imagine the leather ever doing that. It had no crackly finish to begin with. I also had a Crosby Hobo which did have a slightly crackled finish. This bsacially looks like that bag after it was left to sit in a desert for a few months. Something very bad happened to this bag and I don't know what but I'd send it back pronto.

    Geesh, what does the tag say? Did they make some special edition crackled version? It looks so bad it almost looks deliberate.
  13. Contact them ASAP. As mentioned on other threads in this forum, BG is connected with Neiman Marcus and they are really weird about returns. Even when the customer is in the right, it can be a major hassle and aggravation to return. Please do not wait.