Botkier Sasha v. Sak Silverlake

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  1. Hi guys, trying to justify getting the Botkier Sasha but it's very similar to the Sak Silverlake convertible satchel being used by Miley Cyrus.

    Any thoughts? I don't own a Botkier yet but I was able to check out the Sasha and it was gorgeous in IRL.

    Help me decide please!

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  2. Hi there-

    Botkier sasha is very nice and gorgeous. The design is original. The sak version is more of a copycat. Even B. Makowsky has a similar design.
  3. I JUST got my first Botkier this Monday. Large Sasha duffle in black lambskin. I can't say enough great things about this bag. I am obsessing over it. If you're on a budget I would say go for the Sak version, but if you can spend the extra money I would definitely buy the Botkier, no question.
  4. I own both. I have a Mini Sasha in Black Patent, and a Silverlake in Dark Amber. I actually feel the Silverlake is a good deal because the braided handles fall more naturally on the sides when carried as a hobo. The sasha handles are quite stiff, but I think it might be that the patent leather is more rigid than lamb leather.

    Another thing that I like about the silverlake is that its zippers open and close more smoothly than the Botkier Sasha. I also own a Medium Bianca in Bronze, and both zippers are kind of hard to open and close. With the silverlake, I can open and close the zippers with one hand, even when I am driving.

    However, I still can't deny that Botkier has better leather quality. I don't really mind that the Silverlake from The Sak is a copy cat, I buy all sorts of bags, expensive ones and inexpensive ones. I collect expensive bags, but I buy inexpensive bags to be my everyday bag, so I don't need to worry about damaging it, and when it comes time to give it away, it wouldn't hurt as much as with an expensive bag.

    I would categorize Botkier bags as my collection bag, and Silverlake as my everyday bag.
  5. I like the Botkier best.
  6. Thanks mom2jerry, Nora V., Tejava and Tonij2000. I liked your inputs. I like the idea of the collection and everyday bag. I agree that the Botkier leather is very nice. More comments welcome!
  7. By the way, what is your opinion about brands that copy other brands?
  8. The reality is that most people aren't going to know when a bag is inspired by a more expensive/high-end bag. I really don't think it's a big deal, but then again I also don't care if someone carries a fake bag. I'm not really a bag girl, but I prefer to have a few nicer bags because I want the bags that I do have to last. For me it's personal preference. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a bag at a lower price point if it could offer the quality and durability of the bag it was inspired by. I think brands that sell bags inspired by other designs make tasteful designs available to people that can't afford or don't want to spend $1200 on a designer bag. Those brands are just utilizing basic economic principles, so more power to them.
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    I agree with NoraV, it's all personal preference. My income actually allows me to indulge on designer bags if I want to, but I don't always buy designer bags because I am a career woman and a mom for a 3 year-old. I buy bags in different price ranges for different occasions.

    I personally don't use fake bags, I would buy less expensive brands, I don't mind it is an high-end inspired bag as long as it is not FAKE.

    I actually get more compliments on my Silverlake than on my Botkier sasha, because I don't live in the US, and people here don't know neither brands. However, I still love my Botkier Sasha in Patent because it looks and feels so elegant, while the Silverlake serves as my everyday bag for now.
  10. Hi tejava! where you from? I actually agree with you. I really cannot agree with buying a FAKE bag even if no one else will notice. I consider it a disgrace to my other bags and I will never feel comfortable wearing it. I also buy no brand bags inspired by designer bags but I will not attempt to pass that off as the real thing

  11. I just ordered the Silverlake in dark amber and couldn't resist also ordering the Dakota tote. I've had bags from The Sak before and they are very well made and I too like the fact that the zippers run smoothly. Like you, I like to be able to get into my bag in a hurry and open it one handed.
  12. Hi ellesee99: I live in Chile. There are some high-end brands here like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, and some Pradas in boutiques. I don't know how Tous is perceived internationally, but it is an interesting brand down here because all the rich women carry Tous.

    Botkier bags are the first ones that I bought from US, and then the Silverlake from The Sak, and I will keep on searching and buying all these bags because I just can't resist!
  13. Hehehe. I know what you mean Tejava. These bags are like candies!
  14. They are both lovely! I think I like the Botkier best though.
  15. Well I love the Botkier Sasha...I have one in pudding, and the first ones are few and far between it seems. I would love to get another one, but am stuck on the full sized ones. I love the Botkier leather, but I can ceratainly understand wanting a bag you don't have to worry about...=)