BOTKIER Quality Issues (or Raves) -- Do Share Here!

  1. As we know, Botkier's customer service is pitiful + horrendous (e.g. as documented by urbngirl

    Now, I've read fantastic raves about the quality of their leather but big problems, too, such as in durability, etc.

    Is this specific to the season? Style? Any pattern?

    Post here:
    1- Which handbag you have
    2- Season/Year
    3- Problems (or raves)

    Thank you for sharing, ladies! :smile:

    * I know info is scattered out there, but please let me know if this post is unnecessary or if there is a post for this already that my search didn't catch.
  2. 1 - Botkier Bianca in Bone
    2 - 2007
    3 - leather wore off the handles after about 1 week of use. color transfered in a few spots (which I expected with a light colored bag).

    I take care of all my bags with ultimate care. Even bags I've used for years look brand new. The quality of Botkier just sucked on this bag.

    Botkier told me to take it to a leather repair shop to fix. I had it less than three months and used it for 2 weeks. They should have offered to do something.

    I won't ever buy another Botkier.
  3. I've had 8-10 Botkier bags and have since sold some. I have never had a problem of any sort with any of the bags, especially the ones I used heavily. The quality has been exceptional.

    2 Biancas
    A Crosby Hobo
    Crosby Satchel
    Carlton Short Hobo
    Carlton Tall Hobo
    Bombay Satchel
    Metallic Trigger
    And three more that I did not use because of style and sold so I can't comment on those.
  4. Medium Bianca Toffee Fall 2006
    No issues

    Large Bianca Bone Spring 2007
    No issues. Some color transfer, like bagsforme said, but lovinmybags cleaner/magic eraser took care of it, and their protector has prevented any more.

    Large Bianca Gunmetal Fall 2007
    No issues

    Crosby Top Handle Wheat Fall 2006
    Bought final sale from Botkier and a turnlock didn't work.
    Jinnie sent me a lable to send it back to them and sent a new one out overnight.

    Crosby Hobo Burgundy Fall 2006
    No issues

    Sasha Satchel Pudding Fall 2006
    Came without a dustbag from Active Endeavors.
    Active Endeavors was no help (every other time I've had great service!) but I emailed Jinnie and she sent one to me.

    Sasha Duffle Black Spring 2007
    No issues. This one I have already used heavily (travel) and it still looks fantastic. I love my Botkiers, but I think this one has been the best quality for the money.


    I think I've gotten really lucky judging by the horror stories of others. I've only bought the Crosby top handle from Botkier directly (they had it on sale). Otherwise, I try to buy from places like Active Endeavors and Shopbop because they have such excellent customer service.
  5. What I have:
    Botkier Bianca Medium in Bone from BlueBee


    No problems so far (whew!), really love the leather, will continue to purchase Botkier bags for sure

    When the bag arrived I treated the handles with LMB's "For Handles Only" product and it's held up fine. The appearance of the leather on the handles dulled slightly after the product was applied, however, the protection does seem to be holding up. I applied another LMB protector to the rest of the bag, no change in the leather's appearance was noticed and I've had no color transfer issues so far.

    The leather is so soft, which I love, however this does incline me to treat this bag as a delicate one and so I don't overload it. The light color of the leather is another good reason to coddle this bag.
  6. Medium White Trigger Spring 2005
    No issues whatsoever and it has held up amazingly.

    Cherry Bella Clutch Fall 2007
    All of the leather is completely smooth except for one piece that is completely distressed. The difference really bothered me so I called Active Endeavors where I bought it from and they said that this is a common problem with Botkier bags.
  7. Botkier Bombay Satchel--wonderful, just a heavy bag, not one I take shopping all day. But the quality and looks are great, one of my faves (I see it as a fall/winter bag and am v. happy to start using it again).
  8. A little off topic, but I noticed this dulling too when I protected or cleaned my bags. I ordered their Shine Restore and it worked wonders (of course, you have to buy one product to use with the other:rolleyes:)

    Ok now...:back2topic:
  9. 2006 Fall Medium Bianca in gunmetal (purchased on sale from Saks in March 2007 I believe)

    No issues. I love this bag!! The quality has exceeded my expectations. But I will continue to purchase Botkier on sale rather than full price.
  10. I don't have the time to search for it at the moment by Cyclgrl wrote about a problem w/her handle on her Botkier Sasha. Just inserting this here for the record.
  11. ^^

    I hope you don't mind I quote you, Cyclgrl, from

    and earlier
  12. I have 4 Botkier bags:

    1. Trigger in Purple - no problems, the leather is amazingly soft!
    2. 2 Biancas in Grey and Metallic - no problems, I love my grey one, the metallic has a different type of leather but it still looks great
    3. Crospy Turn Lock in Wheat - no problems, great bag to pair with dresses in the summer because it's a bit tougher to wear over the shoulder with a jacket
    4. Sasha Duffle in Black - no problems, best Botkier purchase ever

    I am a huge fan of Botkier. I think they are unique and timeless.
  13. ^^ BagLover21, that's great to hear. Do you remember what season or year your bags are from?
  14. The purse manager at an upscale dept store said this was one of the worse designer purses to buy. She said they were beautiful to look at and touch but the color on the leather ran on some of the bags and they just could not hold up to regular use and abuse. I guess she was not trying to make a sale!!!

    I have not owned one of these but my girlfriend has one. It is wonderful to touch. The leather is so soft but she almost never uses it. She says it is too fragile to carry.
  15. I don't know this particular purse manager you're talking about. She may be wonderful but I think some of the SAs seem to have their own agendas. I had one who seemed to be trying to talk be out of buying a Kooba that another SA was getting the commission on. And I hadn't asked her opinion.