Botkier leather variety

  1. So, I love Botkiers but wanted to see what you all thought about the many changes in leather they have used over the past couple of years.

    I started out as a fan of the handbags largely because the leather was so great. This was a few years ago. Then they switched from the soft leather they normally used to this pebbled leather I didn't like very much. Last season, they went back to some very soft leather (esp on the Biancas) but that leather was thinner and more delicate.

    I just saw some of the new season bags in Bloomingdales for the first time and was really not impressed with the leather. It's tougher and feels treated or something, almost vinyl-like. This was true even on the Bianca bags. I have bought at least 2 Botkiers every season for years now but if the leather is like this on all the F/W bags, this may be the first season I don't buy any.

    What's up with all the changes in leather on the bags? Anyone else notice this?
  2. I'm thinking of buying my first Botkier, something from the Black Rose line. Did you see any of these and how was the leather? Thanks.
  3. I saw that hobo with the little rose on it. It was cute but I didn't like the leather. It depends on what kind of leather you like, though. I like softer, less treated/less stiff leather. This leather was stiffer and tougher than what they usually use. But it might help it survive getting banged around more? I don't know, I just didn't like the texture, but it depends on what you are looking for. I would try to go to a store (Bloomingdales has them) and see one in person.
  4. I'm 3 hours away from anywhere that would have a Bloomies. So it's internet and advice from tpf for me. Which means you - thanks for info!
  5. Didn't they do the Bianca, Sasha and a few other styles in lambskin? I don't think they've always used lambskin for their bags. I know the leathers were always very soft, lightweight & durable, but I think the lambskin was only used on certain styles.
  6. the leathers are different this season. What used to be lamb on some of them is now cow leather. I'm sure there is still lamb too, it is all just changed up a bit. Bags a little heavier.
  7. Yes, but they used a softer type of regular leather for some of the other bags last season than the ones I have seen for this season. It was more similar to the leather they used to use when they started out. All the leather on all the bags I saw at Bloomies is the same is very different now and a lot tougher and heavier as the other poster said.

    No, I don't think any of my older bags from like 2002-2004 are lambskin (or goatskin, as one of my triggers from last year is), but the leather on them is also much nicer than the leather now.

    Just a heads up for those of you who haven't seen it yet, from someone who has been buying these for years, it is a big difference. Some people might like this type of leather better, or just as well, but I was pretty disappointed. :sad:
  8. It seems to me that Botkier always had alot of leather variety. The Trigger I had was soft and pebbly, then the Bianca, ultra soft lambskin, but I always tended towards the thicker leathers. The Crosby Hobo was thick and treated and the Bombay Satchel was Course Pulled leather. I like all of their leather varieties and like all of their bags in general some being more my style than others. I'm looking forward to my Rose Satchel that is due to arrive on Tuesday.
  9. Uh oh, that worries me. I have my eyes on a Large Cherry Bianca. But the variations in leather worry me. I like leather that's soft and supple, not stiff or delicate.
  10. Lexie, when it arrives can you give us the lowdown on the leather? Thanks!
  11. I noticed this too. I saw some of the Bryant and Nomad bags recently. The Bryant looks a lot like a Bianca without the flap and with one pocket instead of two. I was hoping it would be the same leather but the leather was closer to my non-pebbled trigger. It was a lot thicker and not as soft/porus feeling.

    I haven't really paid much attention to the newer Biancas. I noticed the handle is slightly shorter and this puts me off because it won't fit comfortably on my shoulder in the medium. I don't know if they are made shorter now or if mine stretched.
  12. I just got my pearlized cognac large Bianca- it is not lamb skin. I thought it would be. Guess this color leather is different? It is very nice but not as soft as I thought but that might be good for me cause it is going to be my everyday bag. It is a gorgeous color, that is for sure. It goes over my arm but it would not if I would be wearing a winter coat.
  13. Whats wrong with change? Aren't designers allowed to "move on" from leather to leather, color to color, shape to shape? I think its soooo boring how most of these handbag designers keep making the same tired old crap (excuse my french) year after year and (ooh! major change! They introduce a new color or change the hardware!) No offense intended- I just happen to get excited about NEW stuff that is truly FRESH- not OLD stuff thats already been around the block a few times.
  14. Nothing's wrong with change, it's just that sometimes change is for the good (design, variety, etc) and sometimes it goes along with a change in quality to cut costs, etc.

    I'm hoping this isn't the latter case but from what I saw the quality of the leather is not as good.

    For me, a big reason I liked Botkier from the start was for the quality of the materials they use and I'm noticing a change in that.

    Just wanted to point it out for other botkier fans who were similar minded.
  15. I have the Sophie bag (black attachment) which is just like buttah. It's a very large bag, but it weighs really nothing because the lambskin is like tissue, it's so pliable. Then I have one I got from NM, (brown attachment)I think it's called the Emily, and it's a much studier leather, more like Chloe leather.
    botkierSophie.jpg Botkier Emily.jpg