Botkier - I'm Impressed!

  1. I was at the NM last call .. on my weekly visit .. and saw a bag I thought was all that. I brought it home and noticed its missing part of a studd that tacks the two outer straps togehter. Its shaped like a tack and seems to need something on the other side to hold it together.

    Instead of taking it back, since I think its such a nice bag, I emailed Botkier - a lovely lady named Jinnie emailed back and appologized for my inconvenience and offered to send a UPS truck over, pick it up, they'd fix it , then deliver back to me at no cost.

    A couple of days later she hadn't heard back from me and phoned - so I packed it up this morning and its on its way soon as UPS gets here.

    Just wanted to pass it on how impressed I was about that and glad I didn't just return it to the store, its such a nice bag, I love the feel, and the large outer compartments that don't bulk the shape. I also love the bronze on brown look - the strap and how its moulded to be comfortable under your arm -- here the pick : I did some checking it seems to be the Stirrup Bag :

    It will take 3 to 4 weeks she said to return it back to me, but I'm very pleased and appreciate them doing this. I asked them if they are doing any wallets, btw, and she said not this fall but they are working on Belts at the moment. I'd love a wallet match :smile: Anyway happy story so far and just wanted to give Botkier a mention for it.

    NewGallery.jpg 2BotCloseup.jpg BotkierInterior2.jpg BotkierSide2.jpg 2BotGallery.jpg BotkierPlaque2.jpg
  2. Wow, great customer service!
  3. That's funny, I have emailed them twice over the last 3 weeks asking about wallets & I haven't gotten a response.

    PS. I had a Botkier Bowler bag that had the exact same thing happen.
  4. i love that stirrup's yummy.
  5. I like the color.
  6. Wow, beautiful bag and awesome customer service. Great purchase!
  7. vista i see that you live in sugarland texas, i stay in cypress (northwest houston), may i ask where did you purchase the botkier? katy mills mall? also if you don't mind can you tell me how much you paid for it?
  8. Hi Love2Shop,

    Yes, it was at Katy Mills, the NM Last Call .. I'll be there later today too and I'll take note if I see any others, that was the only one like that I saw last week when I picked it up... it was $239 plus tax. Says original retail was $685.

  9. Oh my goodness, well I went back to NM LC and bought another one - Emily Metallic Fatigue colour I believe. - It is such a well made bag and just loved it - I think these were the only two they've had, I asked if they had any more LOL good thing they didn't for me probably - but here's the new one I picked up :smile: Its tacks are all in good shape too :heart:
    HookLit.jpg TableStanding300.jpg StandingSide.jpg
  10. What a great bag and terrific customer service. Botkier has two bags I really like - the Bombay tote and the skeleton. Hearing this story make me want to purchase them.
  11. wow, i wish i had luck like that.