Botkier Bianca or Bryant - which is more practical

  1. I am flying to Texas for a wedding and am looking for a new bag to take along...debating between the Botkier Bianca medium (in either Olive or black) or the dk brown Bryant Hobo. The Bianca is dressier, and I can maybe take it when I go out, but the Bryant looks smooshier and comfy everyday bag. Any thoughts?
  2. Bryant hobo is much larger than Bianca medium. So if you like medium Bianca, I would think Bryant would be larger than you would want.
  3. I don't own both, only Bianca, but I think it is definitely a dressier bag. For me, that means it's more versatile because it can go to work, but it depends on what you need.
  4. I just saw Active Endeavors added the BIANCA medium in chcolate...yummy color!
  5. Depends on how much you want to carry. That Bryant can hold alot but has a more casual look to it. If you are going to need dressy and casual I'd go for the Bianca. Both have nice outside pockets for quick use items.
  6. I think the bryant looks better and is more practical, but for me the bigger the more practical because I want to carry my whole house around.

    Lol I never liked the bianca... I call it the um... 'breast bag' (the outside pockets look like breasts!). Excuse my immaturity :sweatdrop:.
  7. i recommend the bianca - the bryant looks relatively more casual if you want to take it to a wedding - just my opinion...
  8. I think I'll go to Nordstrom's today and check em out in RL. :smile: wish me luck!