bored with Bals

  1. I dont know whats got to me ,i have 3 bals in the last 3 months and am already bored of them ,the leather is nice and they are not over the top with logos and all but i feel they look too plain and the hardware make it look quite ordinary .
    i dont know whether i am just going through a phase of too much ,not good,already planning to buy something different ---do anyone suffer from this symptoms too????:sad:
  2. Me!!

    I'm in it for the thrill of the chase! LOL.
  3. I'm not anywhere near there yet, but this has happened to me in the past with other things :yes:(my Pradashoes phase were I had gone totally mad buying like crazy.)

    I think you might have bought them too quickly one after another. I know some have bought way more but I think this can happen if you don't take the time to really appreciate your new bags. It can be too much too quickly you end up preferring the thrill of the hunt after a new bag more than the bag itself.

    That's what happened to me in the past. So I've decided to slow down still plan and think but take time to actualy treat, wear, love etc...what I have.
  4. I only buy one bbag per season- it's good for me financially and it helps me love each new bag for a whole season! I currently have 5 and from now on every time I want a new one I'll sell an old one. This way I won't go over the top. I don't like owning too much.
  5. I went a little crazy at the beginning too and have now downsized my collection to just a few. You always have that as an option. In the meantime, maybe carry a different bag for a while. You may end up missing your b'bags...
  6. Oh God... i think it's just a phase. i hope it's just a phase.
    i know this because whenever i decided not to bring my b bags on my trip because i don't feel i wanna wear them... i regretted it and missed my bags through my trip.
    you don't realize how much you miss it until you lose it.

    i said, why don't you put the bags in someone's house for some times, and let's see if you'll miss them or not.
  7. *GASP*...I almost died when I read the title of this thread:wtf:

    But I can understand how you'd get bored if they are the only bags you've been buying and carrying lately. I adore B-Bags but I still carry my MJ and Fendi bags so I don't get bored.

    Try mixing it up and carrying a different bag a few times a week so you don't OD on the B-bags. Hopefully its just a phase :graucho:
  8. I wish!! I'm curious what three bags you have that you would get bored of!

    Which Bbags do you have? ARe they the same style? I have 3 Bbags and 3 different styles so I don't get bored! I have a city, work and courier.
  10. it's true try to mix with other non bbags and then you are going to start missing them, i promise
  11. I think this can happen with any bag - but I find that if you give it some time, you end up falling in love with your bag all over again! For awhile I never carried my Gucci everyday bag because I was getting bored and wanted to carry other things.. but last week I pulled it out and put some stuff in it and I'm in love with it all over again and I've been using it every day.

    I guess everyone's just worried for you that if you let them go you might regret it! I guess hold onto them for awhile and if you STILL feel like this then you know maybe the money would be better used to something you LOVE to bits?
  12. I felt like this when I had too many LVs (is that possible?)...

    I down-sized and collected some Bals and am totally enjoying the bags that I have. I also mix it up with KOOBA and Burberry.
  13. umamanikam - could the new S/S '07 collection with the giant gold hardware rekindle any excitement for you? :yes:
  14. I tend to get bored too. That is why my handbag collection has a little bit of everything. It keeps me from tiring of one brand/style/color.
  15. umamanikam, sorry to hear this!
    i was shocked by the title too. i recently gave up two of my b-bags to fund a chanel but i still plan on buying more b-bags when $ permits. i think i'll always like them, but i find having several different bags in rotation is the best for me. keeps things interesting!