Bordeaux Twiggy

  1. So I finally bought my Bordeaux!! The seller still had the aloharag tag on the bag. Can't wait to get it! Will post pics when I receive.
  2. congrats!!!!!!!:love: :roflmfao:
  3. Congrats! I just got my bordeaux office bag, it is stunning. leather is thicker than 06 leather and more squishy...
  4. Every time I hear the yummy name bordeaux I automatically think of Sees Candies! (you must try them) I so love that color and style! Congrats and enjoy, lucky girl!!
  5. oh congrats, giggles!!! your b-bag collection must be HUGE by now!!! woo hoo!
  6. MMMMMMM I LOVE BORDEAUX SEE'S!!!!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  7. So now you need to take your bag out on it first trip to Sees for some bordeaux chocolates to celabrate!!:graucho: :biggrin: :yes:
  8. Awesome giggles, congrats!!!! was this an ebay find?? you are soooo good with finding the diamonds in the rough there!
  9. Congrats! I LOVE my bordeaux twiggy; it is a great bag to carry and the color is awesome.
  10. Lol, yea :lol:
  11. Yes it was on ebay. The first time she put it up I submitted an offer but she declined because she paid something like $1400 for it. So it never sold. She relisted it today and I submitted the same offer again and she took it! :yes: Yay!
  12. Congrats!! Can't wait to se pics!
  13. YAY! Congrats giggles!!!!!!
  14. giggles, that's awesome!!! congrats again - it's a beautiful color!!! can't wait to see pictures!!
  15. Thanks gals! I will post pics when I get it!!