Bordeaux looks hot with pink!

  1. I am so pleasently surprised; I thought I would not be able to wear my Bordeaux Twiggy until Fall (because of the color). Today I am wearing a pink tee and jeans and for the heck of it, tried on the twiggy with this outfit. It is hot! I tried taking a picture but my batteries are running low. Anyone else wear their bordeaux bags all year long?
  2. I wear any color any time of the year ... depends on my mood. I don't subscribe to the "can't wear white before Labor Day ..." type of stuff. Just recently (in one of the Celeb mags), there was an article critisizing Paris Hilton as too "match-ey" ... in other words, she was coordinating all her accessories (shoes, earrings, handbag). Can't remember who the author was, but they said that nowadays, you really shouldn't match so much ... liven up your outfit with a different color! I love that idea!!!

    Because I'm in Investment Banking, I have to wear very conservative clothing. I have a dark Navy & White (very tailored) pinstripe suit (pants have cuffs) ... which I love to wear with my Rouge City and (sometimes) Red shoes.
  3. Becca- That's great! Sounds like it looks awesome! Love that color combo!!! Post pics when you can!
  4. i had a bordeaux city which i sold, and now i regret it... i wear pink alot, and the bordeaux goes really well with it! ;)
    now i'm contemplating a bordeaux twiggy :graucho:
  5. wow, i've forgotten about purses for a minute :amazed: ...that puppy dog is adorable eveningfaces!!!
  6. okay, the minute's up now & i've gotta question!!!...can you still buy the bordeaux color in stores?
  7. aaallabama: the bordeaux is an older color. I think 05? I'm sure some of the other ladies will know the exact season. Either way- it is no longer available in stores but you might find it on ebay. I heard there is a similar color coming out this fall? :biggrin:
  8. thanks kattiepie, that's what i've heard...can't wait to see the new colors :graucho:
  9. I carry my bordeaux bag a lot. (Today, even!) I think it looks great with brown, white, black, pink, blue--pretty much anything!

    Today I wore chocolate brown and white, and the bordeaux bag added a nice touch of colour.

    I don't wear a lot of pastel colours, so I use my deep coloured bags all year.
  10. thank you! that's my baby when he was still a puppy... he's a full-grown lab now. :smile:
  11. it's from the F/W 05. check B NY. they might have leftovers.