Boots - opinions please!!

  1. [​IMG]What do you think of this pair of boots? Yay or nay? I like the design but the calf area is so huge!! I can only wear it with jeans tucked in.. otherwise it'll look very awkard if I wear it with dresses or tights. Do you like it?Should I buy it even though the calf area is so huge?
  2. I like them alot! love flat/tall boots. well, it depends, do you need all purpose boots or will these just be an extra pair? Even though I like them, I probably wouldn't buy them and wait to find a pair I could wear with everything.
  3. Nice pair of boots! How do you get this pic? How much is it? It looks very comfy and yet classy. Love it! I'll definitely get it if I'm living in wintry countries but nope, I'm living near the equator!!!
  4. I love them! I have the same problem with the calf area being too big on all my boots so If I want leather boots, I have come to live with them. I think it would look super chic with jeans tucked into the boots.
  5. i like it... you can easily walk in road that has a snow because it has a flat heels...
  6. delicious. who are they by?
  7. They are by Miss Sixty!! I am still debating whether I should keep them or not..
  8. I think they look really nice! I have two pairs of similar black boots, I even use them to go out in the evening sometimes
  9. I like them.
  10. I like them. I'm also a fan of the look when boots are larger around the shaft and are not snug on the leg.
  11. They look really comfortable, maybe you can pair it with leggings and also stockings? That would definitely glam up your wadrobe :smile:
  12. oooooo they r so cute!!!! i wanan see pics of u wearing it! ive been looking for something similar....
  13. I like them too.
  14. Those are great
  15. Thanks everyone! I'll try them on again tomorrow. But with all these encouraging comments, I think I'll probably keep them. They are on sale too!