BOO! I'm in love!!!!!!!

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  1. Can you guess what this is???:love:
    DSC02826.JPG DSC02828.JPG
  2. Oh you tease!!! LOL!!

  3. A style by the name of ghost? I think that is what it is called...
  4. SHOW US!!!! :noggin:
  5. okay, that's just plain mean!;)
  6. A very spooky belated birthday present :confused1: ? oh let us see!!
  7. is it a shoebag or chain drawstring bag???
    zac, put us out of this misery and reveal this baby for us :yes:
  8. It's got to be a tease!!! :p
  9. OMG!!! it is a GHOST! i can see on the pic from the box!!! :yahoo:

    mine's on the way too :yahoo:
    which colour is it? i bet it's in something drooling :drool:
  10. Do they still make the Ghost?? omg! Why did I have in my head they were discontinued. I have been wanting one!!!
  11. YES!!!!!!!!! You are all correct! Sorry I don't have a prize for you!!!:p
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I love it, Z!!!!!! What color is that??? MORE PICS!!!!!!!!!
  14. Beautiful!!!!! I love this style!
  15. Pale pink! I'll get more pics in a sec!