Boo Ebay horrible sellers! Gr!

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  1. Okay,

    So I bought my boyfriend a brand new PSP value pack off EBay. I wanted it to be sent to our house as a surprise because I know at times he'll be there when the mail comes, so it'd be a twist in his arm that he can't open it and he knows it's a gift. I wasn't going to open it at all. I had it gift wrapped under another box and was just going to leave it as is until Christmas morning. But it came unexpectedly today.

    So fortunately he wasn't home when he came and I was curious to see what was the fuss all about. So, I decided to open it.

    The ebayer claimed that the PSP was in fact NEW and in store bought condition. I opened it and it was all scratched up and had dents all over the place! It was NOT new and the box he gave me was a dollar store broken up box. He said in the ad that the PSP was new and in excellent condition. I haven't tried the console yet because the battery was uncharged but I was able to plug it in and change the date and time. But that doesn't say much if it doesn't work later on.

    I tried several times to get in contact with him earlier because the parcel was suppose to be here last week - and he has NEVER responded to me. So, communication is definitely a lack of here.

    What can I do when I paid a retail price for a console but with the bonus value pack thing-er-ma-bob. And it was suppose to be new? Is there anything I can do? Get some kind of compensation for the fact that I paid a retail price and he sold me a not even mint condition used console?

    All the help is appreciated!

    OKAY, here is some updated stuff. :sad:

    What should I do. The seller won't cooperate. The company understands that I am leaving on the 15th and they keep using the excuse that it was their suppliers fault that the condition of the PSP came out the way it did.

    I am not even asking for a full refund, i'm asking for a fair price on a USED psp and now they're giving me the run around.

    I could care less if it was the suppliers fault because they advertised the condition and should take full responsibility that they trusted a horrible supplier that supplies used items.

    If the company is so stubborn do I even have a chance since they said that I can always send it back for a full refund? But I declined it because I am leaving in 4 days and have too much to get done + work?

    this is so not christmas joy.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Kinda ruins the Christmas spirit... If you paid by Paypal or a credit card, file an "Item received, but significantly not as described" claim to get your money back.
  3. I did do that, but the seller is extremely stubborn.

    He keeps saying that he will do a full refund, but his company and him already have been informed numerous times that I am leaving on the 15th of December.

    If he puts up that ultimatum, if I don't accept - can I lose the claim? Even though all the facts are proven that he has full responsibilities of what comes out of his warehouse and that he should have checked the product before shipping it out.

    I told him I don't mind purchasing a used PSP because at this point, there is nothing I can do about it since i'm on such short time constraint. But all i'm asking is a FAIR priced used item.
  4. If he continues being this stubborn should I just dispute it and lose contact with him and hope my chances are good?
  5. As the seller, he is responsible for the things that he sells and delivers. If his "company" sent the used item, it's his problem. Sounds like excuses to me. You should file the claim. Send them item back to him - registered with a tracking number - and demand a refund. I think you're being quite reasonable it suggesting a partial refund for a USED console. (You should definitely test it and make sure it works before agreeing to this!) He's giving you the run around. If I were you, I'd want a refund.

    Hate sellers who purposely misrepresent their item and hope the buyer is blind or too nice to complain. :cursing:
  6. Just reread your original post. You don't have time to send it back to him??? Can you get someone else to do it? Don't forget to register the package so that you have proof you sent it!

    I don't think you should agree to keep the used console without making sure it works...

    If you pay by credit card, you can also file a claim with them. Paypal is not your only option.
  7. Don't accept this piece of junk. This was a fraudulent seller and you should get ALL of your money back pronto. Don't settle for one penny less.

    File a complaint w/paypal. The fact that you're traveling has nothing to do with the transaction. If the seller doesn't respond within 10 days paypal will automatically decide in your favor. After you file with paypal, call your credit card company and tell them the story. They will take care of it while you are gone!
  8. If you paid retail price anyways, why'd you get it off ebay instead of buying it from a reputable merchant?
  9. I think they're all sold out in stores ...
  10. You're totally right! But unfortunately this week i'm leaving out of town.. so I won't be able to send it back and get a refund before Christmas and right after christmas i'm going to Asia, so i'm traveling a lot this month. My bf's brother works in the head office of Future Shop and I told him to check it out before I ask for partial refund and he said it looks good, but the only thing is that if it is used - he can't determine HOW long it will work.. but if I can get a decent used price for it it's still better than nothing because that's basically my only option. I'm basically against the wall.

    What scum! I REALLY hope that paypal will side with me for this partial refund.
  11. I checked all around in my city for the white ones and they didn't have them.
  12. omg..that's terrible ! Sorry to hear this happening to you -__-

    Did you pay with Credit card in Paypal ? If Yes, PLEASE DISPUTE THE CHARGE WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY NOW, NOW, NOW ! Also, have you requested the Seller's Contact info, and talk to them in real life, rather than just doing all the e-communicating ???
  13. oh dear :sad: good luck
  14. I am trying to get the owners phone number. They have a customer number that ONLY goes into voice mail which sucks so I can never speak to a representative.

    I am going to dispute the cost because it is ridiculous! I am not going to take this and I don't think any other buyer should either!
  15. Sometimes you cannot get what you want when you want it, but that's no reason to settle for what appears to be junk at a lower price. You have gotten great advice on this thread already and, as one person already said, if you paid by credit card then notify the credit card immediately that you are not paying for this item. Make sure you get signature confirmation when you return the item or the seller can claim it was never received. This company sounds like a bunch of bums and I would not have anything to do with them. I'd rather wait until a new gizmo becomes available and buy from a reputable seller.