Bonus with my MBMJ Luxury Leather Beelie

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  1. Well, so I'm kicking myself for letting this collection get by without having something in the beige ( which is really a wonderful pink/brown/taupe) with that great paisley lining and a Beelie comes up on Zappos. Hmm, do I get the bag or the zip clutch? Decide on the bag and it's comes, all shrink wrapped up original bar codes on wrap and everything...with a zip clutch inside the bag. Big woo hoo!!

    The leather is so yummy. I love my new girls. :yahoo:
  2. Good deal! I wonder if that was a mistake... in any case, congrats!
  3. I wondered too, and I felt bad, should I say something? But the fact that it was all sealed up made me think that is was originally offered as a set.