Bon Jovi last night and tonight!

  1. I am so pumped!! Last night's Bon Jovi concert in Edmonton was completely awesome. But really - would it be anything less than awesome? Jon was in really high spirits and they put on a fantastic show. It's always a treat when Richie sings and he sang "These Days".

    I drove to Calgary today and am just chilling out in my hotel room until it's time to head out for dinner and then to the Jovi concert tonight. I know it will be another fantastic show.
  2. I'm so jealous.. back in the 80's and 90's my sister and I saw bon jovi like 20 times. I haven't been since we saw them at the meadowlands in jersey -- probably 5 years ago?
    Bon jovi always puts on a great show and JBJ is *still* the hottest guy on the planet.. I swear he gets sexier every year
    Have fun at the concert!
  3. OMG!!! ure going to their concert twice in a week?!?!?! SOOOO JEALOUS!!!
    JBJ is still sooo hot after all these years!