Bombay Questions

  1. Hi..

    I am still kind of new here to the forum and I am a little confused so I would like to asked u ladies or gents to help me out on this..

    I saw this cute little bombay pm in store yesteray when I was trying my luck to score a birkin.. the sales lady told me that the bombay were only made in Epsom.. is it true?

    Thanks in advance
  2. no there's another leather that they use for them -- vache liagee, maybe? and they also come in ostrich.

    ETA, i forgot they've also been done in box.
  3. I believe they also come in suede. Gosh, I''d love a Paris Bombay in vert anis ostrich!
  4. where are my manners? welcome, Shopalicious!

    i saw one last week in brown ostrich and it was dreamy -- vert anis would be SO gorgeous.
  5. Thank u so much for your quick reply dressage queen and Ninja Sue.. I was really disappointed by this SA I think she is just trying to push a sales .. but I just think is not right when I am paying almost 3.7K for a bag and I have been misinformed..

    You ladies are definitely my savior..!!
  6. :yes:! If my memory serves right, MrsS has a gorgeous Raisin Box Paris Bombay!!
  7. I seen several in VL.
  8. They also come in Box leather and ostrich and croc
  9. There is even a Mini PM I saw in Lizard. It's to die for! It was Braise with GH
  10. It is not right that this SA misinformed you. But, good thing that you came here!! :yes::yes::yes: