1. I'm thinking of buying a bolide for work? Any info as to practicality or preferable leathers that would take a bit of a beating?
  2. I have a togo's goes everywhere and still looks new.
  3. I have a 31cm clemence and love it.
  4. I have two bolides and love them both. They are both functional and stylish.

    Mine are both 37cm--one in togo and one in fjord. Each leather is very durable--the difference is in the slouch. The togo is slouchy, while fjord is stiff and really maintains the bolide shape.
  5. i have a 37cm clemence that is squishy and fabulous,
    even though i don't treat it gently.
  6. Daisyinbloom, YAY! Another Bolide fan. :smile: Check the ode thread, it's full of information and gorgeous pictures. :smile:
  7. I just got the 37cm in clemence. It holds a ton of stuff, and I like the fact that it has the shoulder strap. So far I find it to be very practical.
  8. Hi there, I just found this thread while I was looking for the "Ode to the Bolide" thread. I am a fairly recent convert to the Bolide having purchased one this summer; she's a 37cm. Hermes Orange w/ph in swift. I own one Birkin (avatar) one Kelly and one Bolide and the Bolide is my favorite of the three. I'm planning on adding another one to my H collection this year. What I like about them is their wonderful practicallity and subtle stylishness. You can fit tons of stuff in the 37cm and have privacy with the zipper. Depending on the color you select and type of leather they can be dress appropriate (good for work) or more casual. I hope you find a Bolide that you absolutely love.:heart::heart:
  9. The Bolide is a super bag. I have one in 37 togo and love it. Looks brand spanking new.
    The only thing is if you consider it for work that you cannot put a laptop in it and also no documents in A4 because of the bag's shape. Other than that, it's super. I like it especially for travel because of the accessibility and the shoulder strap.
  10. Are Bolide's as tough to come by as Kelly's and Birkins?
  11. Bolides in 37 have become a pretty rare sight last year.
    Otherwise, no. You see them often in the shops.
  12. Nicely stated LaurieAnn! :tup:
  13. I love the bolide too!:love: Good luck in your search! Let us know what you decide on!
  14. I just purchased a lovely chamonix 31 bolide from a lovely pf'er. Mine is missin the shoulder strap, but I still adore it. I am aiming my next Bolide to be a 37 clemence in raisin, if that is even possible.