Bolide vs. Web II (Bolide 1923)

  1. In your opinion, which one looks more formal or dressy? Why? TIA:flowers:
  2. For me, definitely the Bolide 27cm in exotic or sturdy leather.

    Otherwise, for larger sizes, I prefer the Web II in sturdy leather from the 31cm and up size Bolides.
  3. Do you find the Bolide 1923 in exotic to look more formal than the Bolide 31cm in exotic then? I love Bolide in 27cm except I cannot use it as an everyday bag.

    I'm craaaaaaving a fresh fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm right now, acquiring that will tide me over til next year
  4. Kou, good timing! I just received my 27cm turquoise chevre Bolide via FedEx today. So, here is a pretty chevre Bolide on a gal dressed like a slob. :shame: I worked from home today because I was shuttling my six year old between birthday parties. So, the outfit is white Talbots T shirt, moss-colored jean capris, Gucci sandals (yellow with moss green and turquoise), yellow H watch, yellow and moss green enamel H bracelet - with the turquoise chevre Bolide. Couldn't be dressed down much more! Since I'm mostly casual (unless I have a meeting or need to be in court), I think any bag can be casual!
  5. The Bolide looks wonderful on you!! Waa, Hermes NEEDS to expand the scope on Turquoise and make it in more leather!! I love how the Bolide can be so versatile. I like the way you are put together, not sloppy, more like relaxed casual.:yes:
  6. I have the 1923 in fuschia and what I love most is the outside pocket, which the regular bolide does not have....I think the handles may be a bit shorter though -- maybe I'm wrong though...I don't think it compares with the kelly which to me CAN look more formal....although when I use the kelly I wear it casual as really depends!
  7. In your opinion, does the outside pocket hold much? I generally don't put anything on the outside since I'm too paranoid that something will fall out.
  8. Ninja Sue, that Bolide looks great on you.
  9. I've never seen the Web II in exotics. However, even the ones I saw in softer leather like togo and veau swift look rigid enough in the Web II and I personally like that. Also, I like the short handles of the Web II.

    Regarding the shoulder straps, I only like it with the 27cm Bolide. So for bigger sizes, I prefer the Web II.
  10. Gorgeous bag!!! Turquoise chevre is beautiful.
  11. I find the Bolide 1923 to be a little LESS formal than the regular Bolide because of the outside pocket. :smile:
  12. Ninja Su-Our bags are twins!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: I have the exactly the same one. It is really light and holds quite a bit. Goat skin is shiny!!!! I love it. You look great with your new Bolid!:flowers:

    Have you seen La Van.'s blue ostrich Bolid 27cm? That is one gorgeous piece!

    I love my (or our;)) turquoise chevre Bolide!
  13. I only put a few papers in the outside pocket I guess - or a bank bag when working -- it's nice having that though --

    Oh and Nonja Su - I have the turquoise chevre in a birkin and love it! So pretty....enjoy!
  14. Ninja, as always, you look terrific w/ your beautiful new Turquoise Chevre Bolide 27!

    Kou, in general I think the Bolide looks dressier than the Bolide 1923/Web II--especially in the smooth leathers.
  15. Thanks so much for letting me share my excitement and for the lovely compliments! Aspenmartial, I'm so glad we have twins! Aww, thanks, Lucy. You are too sweet! :smile: