Bolide vs. Kelly vs. Another Kelly?

  1. Yes, this is what happens when KK has no bags, is stressed out, and had an awful day (stuff got stolen) - she starts doing budget management on her bag list AGAIN.

    Ok, so we've established that between Kelly Clutch and Bolide, we want to go with the Bolide. What about Bolide vs. Kelly? I've always wanted a fuchsia ostrich sellier Kelly 28cm AND a fuchsia porosus croc sellier Kelly 28cm, but should I just forego ONE of them and get a Bolide instead? After doing some budgeting I realize that I can only get one of the two. Or should I forget about the Bolide and just get the two Kellys?

    I'm driving myself nuts but it's a good distraction:P
  2. I am a big Kelly fan, so I say go with the Kellys.:heart:
  3. i say go with bolide and croc kelly
  4. for fun and one for special fun...
  5. I think having a Kelly and a Bolide is a great idea. I have a Kelly and just got a Bolide myself. I like that the Bolide is easy to get in and out of. It's a great bag!
  6. Kou - What got stolen??

    I don't have a bolide but I would do the 1 kelly and 1 bolide...or save $$ and get one "SPECIAL" bolide if you have some other H bags.
  7. I too, would go with a Croc Kelly and an Ostrich Bolide.
  8. I second this.

    Kou, sorry to hear about the theft!:wtf: Are you alright, though? {{HUGS}}:heart:
  9. NHL and Serentiy Sue, my two Pegasus cadenas got stolen. They were brand new and I never used them, was going to try to unload them to recoup some money and now they're gone!:crybaby:I'm not feeling all right because two of my paychecks didn't get funnel to my other account in time (my bank messed up) so now I'm short couple thousand bucks that I could've used toward my Bolide ... Guess I'm just not meant to have a H bag this year or any of the ones on my list ...:crybaby:

  10. HOWWWW????? i vote for 2 kellys.:smile:
  11. OMG Kou, that's terrible!! I can't believe what a terrible day you've had. I hope you have some insurance to cover it - did you pay with Amex? One of my Amex cards offers purchase protection from theft if something is stolen within 30 days or so.

    Anyway, I love the Kelly best of the two options.
  12. I took them out of the house since my Mom's coming which means she'll be digging through my stuff. I had them in my purse, zipped up, and I left my purse in the drawer (closed the drawer and LOCKED it). Stepped away for 10 minutes, came back to get something out of my purse and noticed the boxes were gone.

    It was somebody with my cabinet's keys ... I talked to HR and they sent me off to Facilities, Facilities said they're not responsible for any theft - that was what they said when my car got keyed last year.:crybaby: :cursing: Argh, where am I going to come up with this chunk of money?
  13. Kou, what an awful day for you. Sorry to hear about that. :flowers:

    On the bags - I'd go with a Bolide and a Kelly too. More versatile than two Kellys.
  14. Tweetie, I paid with Mastercard. I can't seem to get AMEX, they're so darn exclusive these days. The cadenas were bought several months ago so they're passed the 30 day thing already even if my card was an AMEX:Push:
  15. Oh dear!!! Kou, that's horrible. What is this going on at your workplace? Someone with a key is just going thru ppl's stuff there? And nothing is being done? They should at least now start to install security cameras. Don't they have a responsibility to safeguard it's employees? Oh Kou, I'm so sorry you're going thru all this. And I know your mom visiting isn't exactly a nerve-calmer either and quite the opposite in fact.