Body of SF man found on mts of OREGON!!!

I just saw this on the news and I felt so sad. I was hoping some way, somehow he was going to be okay. Kind, loving thoughts for his family left behind. Tragic.
this is SO sad... i read about this when the news first broke out that he and his family were missing. i'm glad his wife and daughters are now safe, but my heart goes out to his family.

i used to read his reviews on cnet quite often! this is quite devastating news.
This is so sad, I was holding out hope they would find him alive for the family's sake. Bless their hearts, I know they will have a lot of prayers being sent their way. May they find peace!
oh my god, I just read this before too.. I feel so bad for the poor family, and its amazing how the wife and kids managed to stay alive, she breastfed them, which is a good idea!!
That stinks, i just read the front page of our Oregonian earlier, talking about they were still looking for him. I was really hoping he'd be found alive. I'm just so glad his wife and daughters were rescued.