Board settings question


Oct 8, 2005
Can you admin set the board so that it takes a little longer for the forums to automatically mark as read?

For example, I might be here ten minutes and not be done, and go back to the main page and everything is marked as read, but I wasn't finished looking at new posts!

If I can change this myself in my preferences, please let me know how! We can always click the link to mark the boards as read when we're done.
fendifemale said:
How do I post pics? I was trying to put one of Sierra Miller's studded oversized bag and I couldn't. I dont know what I'm doing wrong.

ff - what you have to do is to save the images on your computer locally. When you click on "reply", you see a box with Additional Options below the text box that you type your response in. See the Manage Attachments button? Click it, then browse to the local files on your harddrive, and hit Upload. Once you're done, just close that Upload window, and send off your reply.

Voila! You're attached your images to your post. :amuse: