Blush vs Peony?

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  1. Hi Folks--I keep trying to decide how to describe the new blush color. Is it more orange or coral than peony? Any thoughts would help!

  2. Was wondering the same thing! Sorry wish I could help.
  3. I like the peony more. Blush does seem to have more orange red tone to it. I decided I like peony more but can't find a lady bag in that color lol
  4. came across this picture on Instagram while looking for sth in blush.. ;) hth!
  5. Thanks!
  6. Blush is beautiful.
  7. Saw blush in real life today and it is absolutely TDF!!! It's a darker blush than other brands (Chloe, Saint Laurent, to name a few) but gorgeous none the less! Now I really want a blush mini bucket!!
  8. Arg! Just when I had decided to go with a black/dolly combo you have me thinking about blush again! Maybe it would be the perfect summer color for a bag....thanks for the report....
  9. Hi does anyone have pics of worn in blush bags? I'd like to see how this color ages....does it darken like camello/brandy?
  10. It's the coated calf leather which is different to the veg tanned. It won't change colour as it ages.

  11. Love this pic! And that blush!! TdF!