Blush for redhead?

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  1. I have red hair with fair skin that has pink tones. When I try pink blushes, my cheeks just look redder. If I try browns, I just look dirty. What is a good compromise color for blush? Specific brands /color recommendations?
  2. aha! a post i can actually give advice on!

    i have red hair and pink/fair skin.

    this is what i have found that works in order for me to use blush.

    1. physicians formula correcting powder.
    • it's green and corrects the redness. its amazing.
    2. then i put a layer of either light bronzing powder or translucent or light matte powder over it.
    • if your not comfortable using powders only, i have used tinted moisturizer and then the green powder over it.
    this gives you an evened out canvas.

    for my tone, i used NARS deep throat. it's a pink but has a very slight peach to it that works wonders. i'd also recommend orgasm from NARS.
  3. The nars both look so pretty online. I don't think we have Nars in my town, but I'll keep an eye out. You mentioned the green for evening out- I have something from Just For Redheads that is great. I love their make up, but the blush was a miss for me.
  4. Another redhead with pinkish skin here! :smile: I hate blush for the same reason you said. Ive tried peachy blushes, but usually wear a bronzer- as long as there's no pink in it. Im using Dior Aurora bronzer now and love it, but am pretty sure it was limited edition. If you google it, it may at least guide you in looking for something, though.
  5. Definitely a peach toned blush.I really like MAC's Dainty blush.
  6. I heart very cool, bright pinks on fairskinned redheads. Have you tried any pinks specifically like this? And did you cover the underlying redness in your skin first?

    MAC Briar Rose and Her Blooming Cheek, maybe? Benefit Posie Tint?
  7. The girl who does my brows is a very fair (NW5-10ish) redhead, with cooler skin. I know she wears/swears by Smashbox Blush Rush in Chiffon (similar to Deep Throat, but more corally; but not as warm as Orgasm) and NARS Desire for a bright, cool pink.
  8. I am super pale redhead and my daily look is peaches and cream.
    I use a little bronzer in the hollow of my cheek and nars orgasm new liquid highlighter on the cheekbone.
  9. Another pale pinky-toned redhead here (although I fall more on the light auburn/strawberry blonde scale b/c of my highlights)--anywho--I use Nars Orgasm--I've been told it works well with most complexions so it's low risk, just high-priced.:graucho: