Bluefly reduced my Carla even further!!

  1. I bought the black Carla when Blufly reduced it from $390 to $ thing I know, they've reduced it even further to $264!:nuts: So I send them an email, asking tongue-in-cheek if they could possibly give it to me for the new price..(not being very hopeful), got an email today, confirming they've given me the extra $46 off! Gotta love that:yahoo:
  2. Go get em, girl! :tup:
  3. Way to go, girl. *s
  4. Excellent! It just proves that there's no harm in asking. What a deal!
  5. Are you kidding? Only in my wildest go, girl! What a fantastic price for such a beautiful bag!!!!
  6. Wow - what a bargain!
  7. Maggie, that's fantastic. I'm so tempted but I think it would be a bit large for me. My Ginger seems just right.
  8. wow awesome deal.