Bluefly Prada arrived with ripped security tag

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  1. I got my white shoulder bag today. I open the box (nice Bluefly packing must say) and can see that the security tag on the handle is ripped. I take a photo of it, take the bag out of the box, examine the bag and think, ok, it's fine. Later, I notice a tiny imperfection (about 1/4 inch) in the leather on the front. Almost looks like it was touched up with white out.
    I've written them but am quite bummed. Not sure if I want to send it back, if they'll even take it back. You really cannot see the imperfection unless you look at it from one angle -- no doubt by the time I use it once it will pick up something else but I just cannot make up my mind what I want Bluefly to do, and more importantly, how do I trust shopping with them?

    Any other experiences someone wants to share??
  2. i think you should send it back. hopefully they will take it back with the tag ripped and all.
    prada bags are not cheap so you should not settle for any imperfection.
    sorry to hear that you have to go through this
    i hope it works out for you
  3. I'd send it back and ask for a replacement. They should not be sending out imperfect goods. After all these bags aren't cheap!
  4. Just so you know GREAT customer service. They're taking it back. I'm really impressed with the company's response so far.

    Now -- what to buy for a summer bag -- arghhhhh !!
  5. Those security tags are a great idea after all the hoo-ha from last year. What got me though was right when they started using them, I ordered a two handled handbag. They had placed the security tag on hooking both handles together so I couldn't get into the bag withOUT tearing off the tag. I called customer service and told them I needed to tear off the tag to get into the bag and wanted to be sure they documented this so that if I wanted to return the bag that there wouldn't be any problems. The CSR said, sure take it off and she'd make a notation on the order. As it was, I didn't care for the bag and sent it back. I got my usual refund within 10 days with no problems at all.

    So many problems can be addressed with a simple polite phone call. I'm glad you found this out for yourself. Shame the bag didn't work out though. I've gotten a few things from them over the years with "burps" on them. If it's the last item and it's something I really want, I'll call them up and tell them so. They always give me at least 10% off the item. Since, as you say, things are going to get dinged up anyway, I can live with it as long as I get an extra discount.
  6. Glad everything worked out for you...I was nervous when I first read this post...but thank God it's settled.....So you're on the hunt again!!..LUCKY!!! I don't want anything yet...I can honestly say I'm content for now which is soooo unusual for me...I miss the rush though of bag searching!!!!....but I should knock on wood b/c fall bags are coming!!!
  7. Emmy - I'm the same. I'm actually content with my bags for once - although it's still fun looking. I'm going to wait now and see what new lines come out for A/W.
  8. I thought *I* was content......until I looked at Bluefly yesterday and saw that washed leather tote. :shame:
  9. Prada, I'm so happy you brought this up. I ordered a Chloe Edith Loaf in March, and the tag was across both handles. I was so paranoid about breaking it that I just sent the bag back! I wasn't in love anyway, but it's good to know that they are responsive to reasonable discourse.
  10. Well, didn't stay on the hunt for long thanks to those great NM sales. This is when you hate having clients who need you during the day -- the white hobo fringey Cousin It bag got away, so I got that in black (smarter anyway, I think) and also, a Henry Beguelin woven brown bag I'd been eyeing before the sale. I will definitely past modelling pics when they get here and am really glad I sent the bluefly bag back.

    I truly hope the bag obsession period is over with these two !! I truly need to go earn a living to cover that NM bill :rolleyes:

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  11. You paid a lot of money for it & you should be happy w/ the item. I would personally return it if I'm not happy with it.
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