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  1. Does anyone think these bags could be fake? I've never bought from Bluefly, but I remember a lot of talk about possible fake designer bags on that site awhile ago.
  2. Personally, I wouldnt trust them. There were lots of problems with fake Balenciagas being sold a while back.
  3. FWIW, I have purchased several bags from a couple years ago (mostly Kate Spade) and I never had a problem with authenticity.
  4. I'd rather drive out to a outlet and buy a bag with authenticity guaranteed. :s

  5. The only thing is, the bag they are calling a sig stripe tote is a sig duffle. You would think they would at least get the name right.
  6. i bought two chloes from bluefly and they were both fake. it's not worth it - i'd rather pay the extra $ and KNOW that it's real.

  7. That really happened, that is terribile. I thought that this was a trustworthy site! I guess I was wrong!
  8. I don't understand how bluefly has the exact same ergos that are still on coach's website.

    I have heard the caveats about bluefly and I am suspicious about them selling the EXACT same merch that's still in coach stores and on the website, but I did buy a khaki/mahogany ergo tote from bluefly. I'll let you knwo when it arrives if it's authentic.
  9. no probs w/ bluefly here for marc jacobs and fendi. and now they have a new security thing where they put a tag on the bag so people don't buy and return a fake bag. if you decide to keep the bag, you can take off the tag. they also have a great return policy.