Bluefly- Balenciaga khaki canvas and tan leather tote

  1. I don't like it....and I don't trust their Balenciagas.
  2. dont they sell fakes...or am I mixing that up with another company???
  3. ooooh no. If they sold fakes in the past I would never buy from them....thanks though!
  4. ^^^I know- I suppose it's buy at your own risk.
  5. Yep...the Balenciaga wallets Bluefly is currently selling are real. :yes:
  6. Did you receive the wallet from them already? :idea:
  7. OMG! E- which color did you snag?????? You don't need 2~ do you?:graucho:
  8. I got the money in Sapin. Now I have green and red money wallets...:shrugs:
  9. I got the Blueberry money...I'm not in love with the color, but it's the nicest (and most expensive) wallet I've ever had in my life!!! ;)

    BTW, I saw that they had the Rouge Vif money today...but by the time I clicked on it, it wuz gone!
  10. ^ Were the wallets just near retail or at a good discount?
  11. Retail is $475; Bluefly is selling them for $380...I think that's a 20% discount.