Bluefly and Luxe Purses have the Gucci Pelham Studded Hobo with EXACTLY SAME serial#

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  1. Hi!

    Please help!!

    I'm very frustrated because my Gucci Pelham Studded Hobo recently purchased from Bluefly has the exactly same serial# as the one on sale at Luxe Purses

    To my mind, both Bluefly and Luxe Purses are quite reliable. But I'm really confused this time.

    Below are the pictures. The ones with "Image @ Luxe Purses" watermark were downloaded from Luxe Purses. The other two are pictures of my bag bought from Bluefly.

    Any comments??? Thank you very much!

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  2. Is Luxe really authentic though? The site looks really questionable to me. Bluefly only sells authentic. It could be that Luxe may have purchased form Bluefly and returned the bag after taking pics of it. I've heard some of these questionable sites do that.

  3. Thanks, azngal!

    I believe Bluefly is more reliable because the company is a public company. But I've seen posts saying Luxe Purses is good too. Judging from the lining of the bag, the one on Luxe Purses is not the one I bought from Bluefly. I've reported this to Bluefly and haven't heard back from them.

    Just to comfirm, the serial# should be unique to each Gucci handbag even if two bags are of the same style, right?
  4. can it be that they're recyling the pictures?
  5. + 1
  6. Some of the sites that sell bags buy real bags to "copy it" and then return it. So it is not uncommon for the serial number to be the same.
  7. gucci bags have the exact serial number for the exact same bag design. It is not like chanel whose each bag has its own unique number. So relax, yours is authentic, you will find the same serial for every studded pelham in chocolate guccissima...:smile:

  8. Thanks, kevlovlevis! I didn't know that! So, it shouldn't be called serial# or authentication#, it's just style#.

    It's weird when I reported to Bluefly, they said they would look into this. Don't they know all the chocolate guccissima studded pelham have the same serial#?

    Anyways, many thanks to all the above members!!
  9. ^^Many stores and many people think that because it is a serial number that it would be unique to that particular bag. In the case of all Gucci bags the number just identify style and color. Funny but I think that many SA's do not even have any idea of what they are talking about.
  10. Yes, Most designer stores employ SALES staff, not persons of adequate knowledge to authenticate the merchandise.

    That's also why it is against Store policy that the SA´s discuss authentication.
  11. Found this post during a Google search. Since my company name was mentioned I thought I would pop in and state some facts:

    1. I'm the owner of Luxe Purses and I'm also a long standing tPF member.
    2. Luxe Purses only sells authentic Designer handbags. We have our own website, we're a "Recommended Seller" on Malleries and we also have an eBay store.
    3. Luxe Purses is on the list of recommended re-sellers in the Chanel subforum on tPF as well as on the tPF list of recognized Consignment websites. (
    4. I'm a pro photographer and I personally photograph ALL of the items that I have for sale. Those items remain in my office until they are purchased and shipped out to my customers.
    5. If you have a question about the authenticity of an item, tPF has wonderful authentication forums for pretty much every designer handbag. The ladies in those forums are quite knowledgeable about the brands and could have answered this question immediately, and without the derogatory comments/insinuations that were made about my company in this post.
    6. Bluefly is a publicy-traded company/corporation. Luxe Purses is a small, woman-owned business. Both places sell authentic designer merchandise. Purchase your bags where you feel most comfortable but just because you don't personally shop somewhere, or don't have any knowledge about a particular website, doesn't make that website "questionable" or "less reliable".
    Thanks to kevlovlevis, jrw118, and queen.asli who set the record straight!