Blueberry Fairy Tale . . .

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  1. So I finally(!) received my Blueberry Sloane crossbody. Not expecting much from the reports I had read. Fully prepared to promptly return it! Didn't think it was so great upon unpacking it. I thought ya - I'll send it back. :tdown: Packaged it up to return it, & when my daughter came home, she wanted to see it. :sad:

    So I unpacked it again and had another look at it. Hmmm. . . Hmmm . . . not so bad ya know? I put my things in it. I think I kinda' like this! Then tied my favourite little Hermes pocket square on it and tried it on. Hmmm. . . I think I'm really falling for this bag. Shortened the strap to a shoulder strap. Hmmm. . . I'm Lovin' this bag!!! :yahoo: Contrary to how it looks when its just flat, the slouchiness is true to Hayden Harnetts reputation!!!

    Now I'm in LOVE with this bag!!! :yes: What a great knock around bag for a pair of jeans!!!!:supacool::yahoo:


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  2. she looks great on you -congrats! i wish i could of swung one more blueberry item, its really a vibrant color.... i love it.
  3. Oh Temo! I love happy endings lol It looks so great on you :tup: Congrats! Wished I could have scored one.
  4. They have some shoes with the Blueberry color. 50% off with the PRESIDENT code.
  5. that really is a lovely blue color. hooray!
  6. I LOVE how you dressed that gorgey bag up with that fab scarf!!
    It makes it!!
    Looks great on you Temo!!
    So styling, you Hottie!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  7. *SIGH* (BTW.. I just loooooove happy endings)
  8. pursegal, thanks. First blue bag I've ever had!:smile:

    Missypoo, thanks. Sorry you missed the blueberry! There'll be others!:yes:

    kinbrooklyn, oooh! I couldn't find them. Were they summer shoes?:graucho:

    Hokka, thanks! I'm in BLUEBERRY heaven!:P (it seems to getting "smooshier" already - can't wait to get her really broken in!:yes:)
  9. Thanks Cho! You're sweet! This blue girl was worth the wait!:yes:
    She was getting such bad reviews, it's sure a nice surprise!
  10. Wow, it looks great on you! I'm so glad the wait was worth it :smile: .
  11. Temo, so glad you are keeping it because it looks fab! What a gorgeous shade of blue and the scarf is a perfect accent.
  12. Lovely bag, congrats!
  13. type in shoes in the search box. A bunch of shoes (not boots) will pop up many with blueberry colorblocking. You have to use the code to get the discount.

  14. ahha! now I see them! Thanks!:tup:
    These are cute!
  15. It would be pretty cool to match blueberry shoes and bags. And with the colorblocking it wouldn't look too matchy.