BLUEBERRY (Bleu Roi) Day/Hobo is FINALLY HERE + Related Hardships

  1. OKAY!!! So I made UPS redeliver the bag to me within 2 hours. I called Kim at BalNY, who got her shipping manager to call UPS Headquarters, who made the lazy driver come back and drop it off. I stood outside my apartment in a bright red sweater (it's 90 degrees here in Los Angeles) and green shorts. Ugliest outfit ever, but I had to catch the truck's attention.

    The brown truck finally came after 15 minutes of waiting, and I jumped right into the middle of the road (on retrospect, BAD IDEA) and started waving. He gave me the box and I darted back up to my apartment, while calling Kim and giving both of us a peace of mind.

    Here is the journey of my Blueberry Day bag:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I hate layered boxing...

    Oh HELLO Gorgeous!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    These 3 pictures are without flash.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I CANNOT believe Kim told me "the Day bags are kind of shiny"...because it is NOT at all!! It is totally matte, and soft, and the leather is so THICK.

    And I love how it's a little darker than I thought it would be...totally perfect for school and work-related stuff.

    THANKS to everyone who helped me pick a color, soothed my anxiety last night, waited with me this morning, and then concured that UPS is horrible. Thanks all, I couldn't have done it without all of your support.

    Because my boyfriend was the greatest help of all, I'm naming this bag after him (his name is Ed): Edie. HELLO EDIE!!

  2. Here is the bag in comparison to me:

  3. WOO HOO Ashley!! :yahoo:
    That blueberry is gorgeous!!! :heart: :heart: :girlsigh:
    Sorry to hear all that you went through this morning to get her, but it looks like Edie was well worth it!! Congrats!!! :flowers:
  4. i love it, gorgeous!
  5. That is so gorgeous! Blueberry is definitely prettier IRL than pics can capture. It's SO dark and deep. Enjoy that beautiful bag!!!!!!!
  6. omgoodness, it's gorgeous!! May I ask how tall you are? it looks great on you! I'm wondering if a day bag should be my next purchase.... :graucho: congratulations!!
  7. i love it too, especially in this style. congrats!!!
  8. Congrats! It's pretty!
  9. Hey! I am small, 5'3" with a petite/athletic frame.
  10. Lovely bag!!!! Is it close to the cornflower? It really looks a lot like my navy as well. Enjoy it!!!.

  11. Oh, it is much, much darker! And the leather? Much better! Much, much thicker and softer and more matte.
  12. awesome!!! I'm so glad they delivered it as they were supposed to! choulda done it right the first time! :yes:

    its a beauty! :yahoo: loving this color!
  13. Yummy!!!!
  14. yay! so glad you got it and they had the UPS guy come back!
    looks great on you.
  15. I love the Day/Hobo look on you!! I'm 5'3" as well and just recently got a rouge 05 Day so I can't wait to receive it and try it on!! I love the size on ya!!