Blue Stam??? When? Season?

  1. I would love a Blue Stam, of course I know all about the elusive Petrol Blue from the Stam's 1st season (2005) & that they're almost impossible to find (yes - I know there's one on eBay right now - but at $800 w/4 days left, it'll probably go higher than I can pay right now :crybaby:)

    I know that there was another Blue Stam last year - I think it was S/S 2007. Someone posted pics for me not so long ago. I don't remember the exact color name, but I remember thinking it was gorgeous.

    Have there been any other Blue stams? Does anyone think that any of the MJ boutiques might still have a Blue one? I know they still have a handful of Hudson bags & I was actually thinking about buying one sometime soon - But if they had a Blue stam, I might reconsider and get that instead [of the Hudson].

    Any addtl info and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks! :yes:
  2. you're right. it was from spring 2007 and the color was simply called 'blue.' i asked my sa about it two weeks ago, and she says the company is completely sold out of that color. iirc petrol and blue were the only two blue colors that the stam was released in.

  3. that one on eBay is :drool::drool: gorgeous...........
  4. ohh pretty! yes the only 2 blue stams i know of is petrol fall 05 and blue s/s 07

    what i dont know is whether petrol came in both icy and nappa leather :confused1::confused1:
  5. Darn!! well - guess I won't be owning that Blue Stam anytime soon!
    I was really keeping my fingers crossed on that one on eBay, but now that it's got 3 bids - I can't see it staying much below $1k -

    IMO, it's nuts to pay that kind of $$ for a used bag - no matter what color it is - we'll see what happens.

  6. the Icy leather was Nappa - at least according to my Taupe Baby Stam
    The care card says it's made of Nappa Leather w/an Icy finish

    on a side note - I actually dreamt about this bag last night!
    I couldn't believe it - I woke up at least 2x having just dreamt about getting that bag!! Now THAT'S never happened before!
  7. Icy leather and Nappa were two different leather finishes. Icy has a plasticky pebbled finished leather and Nappa was a super soft leather. Most of the stams I've seen have been Icy, including the ones by celebrities... However, I have seen a Nappa Petrol MP, Stam, and baby Stam before, but only once for each. Those are more rare than Icy.

    Here is an example of Nappa Violet(ChristyR's Venetia):

    And see the pebbled quality of Icy:
  8. ^^ so there is a nappa petrol stam :thinking: i think i would still like the icy leather better though
  9. i had a mp in the blue from ss07 and loved it! i saw a stam going for 1200$ obo on ebay and wanted it sooooo much....i'm glad i waited for my topaz though, it's blue but also green....something you won't see very often....
  10. they also make blue quilted elastic stams.....which are quite lovely!!

  11. yea - the Navy Quilted Elastic. That's the one I searched everywhere for & was actually hiding in the back room during one of my (many) trips to Nordstroms!! I"ve pretty much given up ever owning one of those!!

    that one might go for a good price - it's missing the chain strap. It also looks a little worn at the corners. For someone who really wants a Topaz Stam & doesn't plan on carrying it on their shoulder, it's a great opportunity!
  12. i want a bag in this color blue so badly. a few days before i got my petrol elise, i went to the mj store to specifically look for any style they might have available in this color. there's a similar blue called sapphire that's a part of spring 08, but it's only available in the styles i'm not too keen on. i asked about the navy christy, blue stam, blue zc, navy venetia, anything. the entire company was sold out, and they only had the cosmetics bag left, so i ended up getting that. they also had the deborah in navy, but i didn't really like it. anyway, i hope mj comes out with the a bright blue stam again soon.
  13. Love that blue!