blue metallic

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  1. Does anyone know of current bags in blue metallic. I saw the trunk show pic of it but neimon marcus and the chanel boutique say they have never heard of it.
  2. it's the timeless clutch. I order it already and on its way.
  3. chanel_luv, can you post a picture of it here when it arrives? i wanna seeeeee :yahoo:
  4. sure. I can't wait to receive it either :biggrin:
    NM only order very few
  5. There was a pic of a different blue metallic that looked like a classic, in the trunk show pics on this forum. Does anyone know where to get that one?
  6. Wow really? I didn't realize that there was a metallic clutch available! Great score Chanel_luv!!!
  7. Chanel are doing metallics again!?
  8. LOVE metallics!!! Post pics when it arrives!
  9. Sounds lovely, can't wait to see the pictures :biggrin:
  10. #10 Feb 15, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2010
    A blue metallic that looked like a classic from the trunk show pics? I don't recall seeing anything like that. Let me go look that up.... Wait, what trunk show pics were u looking at??? Maybe you were looking at some older posts of trunk shows???? Just a thought.
  11. not classic... mini bubble quilt flap...

  12. Awwww Yea! Girl, YOU are GOOD! I bet that's it!
  13. That's exactly the one I want too. I called NM in SF and the SA told me they only ordered black and red. I don't think she knew what I was talking about though. :sad:
  14. NM in New York said they ordered it in Reissue 227
  15. A Metallic Blue Timeless Clutch! :nuts: That would be TDF!!!