blue LV bags and accessories

  1. Love them, love that color ! I want a lil blue cles
  2. Yes, I agree Blue is a happy color
  3. So do I! I :heart: the blue Suhali cles!
  4. I love the blue suhali colour. I would love a blue suhali L'Ingénieux PM. I really thought i would need the GM but then i saw the PM IRL and realized that it alone was HUGE!
  5. I really like the blue denim line.
  6. I have a blue pochette and a little blue change holder. Love it!
  7. I love the blue Suhali cles!!

  8. the blue suhali cles makes me smile. it's gorgeous. and so are all the other blues in the various LV lines.
  9. I love blue. It's such a cheerful color. I'm on a hunt for a Toledo Petit Noe. I've had my eyes on the Denim Neo Speedy but that's a big chunk of change. Maybe in a few months.
  10. LV needs to stop discontinuing blue :cursing:
  11. I love the blue suhali! And all of the other blues! I think I need some blue in my bag wardrobe.:graucho:
  12. I love the blue Suhali (esp. Le Fab) , and I love the Epi Myrtille- it's got a hint of purple in it. I love the Petit Noe in Myrtille- so pretty!
  13. The blue is nice, love my indigo keyring
  14. more blue please LV !
  15. blue denim, blue conte de fees musette, blue monogram eponge, blue LE THEDA!!! blue epi, blue suhali.
    lv looks awesome in blue!