Blue Jeans and a matching scarf

  1. Received a lovely scarf as a pressie. Love how it matches my Blue Jeans birkin:love:

  2. How pretty!!! I love it!!!
  3. archangel,

    That is a beautiful scarf for your BJ Birkin! Great choice! :heart: :P
  4. It's a lovely match, archangel....what is the name of the scarf? Is it of Indian heritage?
  5. The label says - pleats please by Issey Miyake.. so reckon it's Japanese??
  6. Wow, Wonderful combination, makes me think of the ocean.
  7. Looking luscious! I think it takes the bag up to an elegant level myself.
  8. ^^^That Scarf is Gorgeous and The colors match your bag PERFECTLY!! Congratulations, it's beautiful! I love that scarf!:yahoo:
  9. Beautiful combination! :smile:
  10. Lovely!!!
  11. What a lovely sight!! Beautiful!!!
  12. Divine!!
  13. splendid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. It's a beauty!
  15. So pretty! :yahoo: